This is one of the hardest lists we have ever done so we need some rules. We are only going to include one Quentin Tarantino film otherwise it may be nothing but (Jackie Brown, Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained and True Romance also included). We are also going to eliminate The Avengers and Iron Man movies, just because I can. All Star Wars films will not be included because I don’t believe in purple lightsabers. I don’t believe in negotiating so we will leave off The Negotiator. I don’t support McDowell’s flagrant trademark infringement of McDonald’s so we will leave off Coming to America. We will leave out Unbreakable because it is too sad to remember when M. Night Shyamalan had so much promise. I will also eliminate The Exorcist III because it is a movie I love that everyone hates. So that leaves us with these Top 7.

7. Jurassic Park

6. Black Snake Moan

5. Changing Lanes

4. Eve’s Bayou

3. Do the Right Thing

2. Pulp Fiction

1. Goodfellas

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Karim Amara

I’m totally and completely with you on loving Exorcist III.

Josiah Singh on Facebook

Snakes on a plane

Mohácsiné Csilla on Facebook

Pulp fiction

Nick Paris

Switch GoodFellas with Pulp Fiction and your good with me. I think He should of won Best Actor instead of Travolta. I know Sam Jackson thinks that too wink

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