David Denby, The New Yorker film critic, proclaims why movies are dying and why digital is killing them in this interview for his book with NPR’s Rachel Martin:

On a famous scene in Apocalypse Now, and why such scenes are becoming less common 

“I was thinking of that great scene where, to the sound of [Richard] Wagner’s ‘The Ride of the Valkyries,’ the helicopters come in … [Click here to watch that scene. Editor’s Note: This scene contains some violence.]

“First of all, it was shot, Rachel, in real space — it wasn’t digitized. So everything had a kind of … palpability, a force, a heaviness; all of that movement, all of the pandemonium on the ground, the explosions, everything. I mean, and now, when we do spectacle, we just have dead space, digital space, that’s filled with a lot of — how should I put it — exacerbated pixels, you know, challenging each other in Nowheresville. And also the emotional complexity of that scene … It’s emotionally a very demanding, complex scene. And we very rarely get that now.”

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The real question might actually be… does the film critic have a future?

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Chris Hackett

I agree, filmmakers are pushing. This guy just likes hearing himself talk/read himself write. I was really amazed by Looper and by the directors other film Brick. The film critic arena is getting flooded but just as flooded as the amateur filmmaker arena. If this guy is waiting for a revolution hes already missed the bus. There is so much more to do with story telling. Its an infinite loop of time, money and ability that have to culminate to create something. Any one of those things is hard to focus for a majorly financed feature no less a small microbudget masterpiece.


The future of movies are dying, said in the year The Master, Argo, The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Looper, Cabin in the Woods, To the wonder, the hunger games are all released. not counting Tree of life, hugo, drive, young adult from last year. Plus, the Twlight saga is finally ending. What an idiot

marcello gunawan
marcello gunawan

How many times did you see Looper, the Master, Drive or Argo ? I saw Jaws 7 times, Apocalypse Now 4 times, the Godfather 4 times, and Die Hard 5 times, The Fly 3 times, RoboCop 3 times……

marcello gunawan
marcello gunawan

and Emmanuelle 14 times. What a dumbass.

marcello gunawan
marcello gunawan

But damn, Looper is so great. I want to see it again on DVD.

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