In this Side Swipes clip from “Side By Side,” the controversial Danish director sets out to debunk the mysterious nature of filmmaking he thinks is perpetrated by the studio system.

Via: Tribeca

You Talkin' to Me?

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Yes, anyone can “make a movie” by pushing a button… that’s how SyFy has so many shitty movies to show.

Making a movie, and making a good movie that will stand the test of time, those are two vastly different things! Von Trier’s movies will be easily forgotten after he’s gone by all but the most pretentious of film students and critics.

Herschel Horton

“You just have to press a button for Christ sakes!”

I’m a learning fillm-maker and with the knowledge I have at this point in my career I can say that this guy isn’t so smart.

What one “button” was pressed to make Lord of the Rings, Citizen Kane, Star Wars, Schindler’s List…

Any good film takes talented people to come together and work hard at their crafts to tell a story.

To be honest, I’ve never seen anything from Lars Van Trier. I think he may have over simplified Film Making.

His statement reminded me of a Staples? commercial with the big red “Easy” button. There’s no such thing in the film business.

Amir Aziz

I totally understand what you mean, I mean I ve studied film making , philosophy , psychology and design and even now I feel a little insecure behind a camera , even after being nominated for directing.

After all those things now that I am 31 , i feel a little better but as you said , its not push of a button , the last thing you do on set might be the push of a button but for sure not the only one.

BTW , I never see his movies twice , they are so destructive and such a downer that I could not watch em twice but if you are a film maker ,its a must , he is one of the last people who had a manifesto of cinema that actually worked.

Dogma 95


hes just trying to demistify filmmaking. filmmaking can involve thousands of people and be super complex… and it can also only involve 2 people in a room. depends what your telling, how your telling it.

and if the guy who did “Breaking the Waves” says something like this, a “green” an unexperienced film student like you should be humble enough to shut up,and at least think a bit and try to follow him.
you might not like him, but he is very good, and knows what he says (lets forget cannes for a second here)


The guy who did “Breaking The Waves” doesn’t really have anything valuable to add to any conversation about filmmaking…

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