Adam Everett Miller delivers 5 red flags that would keep him from wanting to work with you more than once.

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You Talkin' to Me?

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Great listen. These are definitely things I can see in myself from time to time and they do effect my ability to work with certain people. When you’re just starting out learning things like this are invaluable.


My biggest pet peeve, NOT RESPONDING TO EMAILS. God that pisses me off. He likened it to the recipient hating the video. In my case it seems to come off as sheer arrogance.


Oh, thank God it wasn’t just me! I was afraid I was being rude… you should have seen what I originally wanted to write!

Yeah, this is a major waste of valuable FIQ space… I was expecting something useful like “don’t push your original draft too hard” or “don’t let it show that you think your client is an idiot when they ask stupid questions” … that kinda thing… but all it was was essentially “be nice to meeeeee!”

Maurice Covington



… and it took him 15 minutes to say it!

James Madara

I’m not sure why he asks what we thought and disables comments on YouTube. I do think he is lumping shy people (introverts) with those who lack confidence. Many creative people and introverts. Introverts can be confident, smart, decisive, and talented. They feel more comfortable internalizing things as opposed to an extrovert who may on the extreme end may ramble on excessively without saying anything.

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