John Hess ponders the Feature Film format as a story telling vehicle and how technology may be unseating it as the king of filmmaking medium.

Episode 39

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Top 7 Articles from February 19th – 25th, 2012.

7. Steven Spielberg Watches 1976 Oscar Nominations

Here is your front row ticket to The Oscars as you’ve never seen them before. Watch a young Steven Spielberg lose out in his first of many nominations to be Best Director.

6. The end of movie theaters?

Movie attendance has been declining, with 2011’s box office the lowest in 15 years. But the trend may be changing. Could the movie theater as we’ve known it survive? Tracy Smith of CBS News considers the prospects.

5. Coming soon! The evolution of movie trailers

In a world of hyped-up movie advertising comes one video that dares to tell the truth about the history of coming attractions. David Morgan of CBS News reports.

4. The “Student Film” Awards

In case you missed the original broadcast, College Humor recapped the 2011 Student Film Awards. There’s still some major controversy over the “Hands Deepest in a Hoodie” category…

3. 31 Kickstarter Films to Premiere at SxSW

Over Kickstarter’s first two years, Film & Video has been the dominant category, accounting for $50 million of the over $140 million pledged. This year, 31 Kickstarter-funded projects will screen as official selections at SXSW 2012.

2. Writing Exposition: 5 Helpful Techniques

“Show it, don’t say it” is a good mantra to follow. But sometimes, for economic or timing sake, you have to get the audience up to speed and the only way to do that is to just have a character say it. That’s called exposition and it can be bad filmmaking if its overused. Here are five techniques to deliver exposition while making it not look like exposition.

1. SxSW: Best Film Title Design 2012

Need some inspiration? South by Southwest Film and Music Festival released a list of the finalists in the Title Sequence Category from Film and Television productions. The final awards will be present on Tuesday, March 13 at 8pm.

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The inevitable implosion of Real 3D will be the end of mainstream theaters. There will always be movie theaters (there’s still radio) – but it will not be the height of entertainment anymore. The first fifteen minutes of this weeks’ WALKING DEAD on AMC was far more exciting then the entirety of all 9 Oscar nominated movies for 2012.

Scott Jarvie

I predict that within 5 years, feature films will become less profitable than short films. The entire entertainment business model is shifting to a free/micro cost. The infrastructure is there now (for everything except high traffic live to air broadcast), it’s just a matter of opponents to innovation and misinformation of the business.


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