Normally we just keep our lists to 7, but we thought of too many overlooked or underrated films to limit this list. Still, as with most of these lists, I’m sure I will think of several more that I can’t believe I forgot after I hit post. So make sure to post any overlooked films we may have overlooked in the comments.

A Straight Story – David Lynch

F for Fake – Orson Welles

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Coen Brother’s

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia – Sam Peckinpah

Manhunter – Michael Mann

Out of Sight – Steven Soderbergh

A Perfect World – Clint Eastwood

Insomnia – Christopher Nolan

Angel Heart – Alan Parker

A Simple Plan – Sam Raimi

Zodiac – David Fincher

Drunken Angel – Akira Karasowa

Elephant – Gus Van Sant

Hoffa – Danny DeVito

Stroszek – Werner Herzog

The King Of Comedy – Martin Scorsese

25th Hour – Spike Lee

Basquiat – Julian Schnabel

Apocalypto – Mel Gibson

Amistad – Steven Speilberg

Dead Alive – Peter Jackson

Playboy Video Centerfold Kerri Kendall – Michael Bay

That’s right Michael Bay did direct a film worth watching and you can buy it at! It must be this holidays most popular stocking-stuffer because unfortunately it’s out of stock.

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James Madara

Underrated and Michael Bay don’t go together, until I saw your selection. Nicely done.

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