The 80’s blonde haired bully was a unique species. Once one of the most numerous and widespread cliche characters. Although it’s preferred hunting ground was the school hallway it was equally at home on ski slopes and house parties. Sadly their habitat is now been reduced to the Netflix queue.

When not driving around in red convertibles they could be seen disrespecting the heavily made-up Alpha Bitch, getting drunk, destroying property, taunting nerds and sweeping legs. Despite his largely repellent personality they where surprisingly popular.

Along with an over-developed sense of entitlement their distinctive markings include mirrored sunglasses, sleeveless shirts, letterman jackets and of course that perfectly feathered blonde hair.

7. “Hardy Jenns” from Some Kind of Wonderful played by Craig Sheffer

6. “Roy Stalin” from Better Off Dead played by Aaron Dozier

5. “Stan Gable” from Revenge of the Nerds played by Ted McGinley

4. “Ace Merrill” from Stand By Me played by Kiefer Sutherland

3. “Steff McKee” from Pretty In Pink played by James Spader

2. “Biff Tannen” from Back to the Future played by Thomas F. Wilson

1. 3 Way William Zabka Tie (the gold standard for blonde assholes):
“Johnny Lawrence” from The Karate Kid played by William Zabka
“Greg Tolan” from Just One of the Guys played by William Zabka
“Chas” from Back to School played by William Zabka

Now for the 80’s Bully Supercut:

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