In Cannes France, be careful where you set down your video camera… the seagulls there have taken up filmmaking and are always on the look out for new gear.

You Talkin' to Me?

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Dennis Hartwig

Does it matter if it’s real? The goal was to bring awareness to their product. They succeeded like few others dreamed of. That’s the point. If it is fake they deserve even more credit. Forget about doing some sort of of video CSI and analyze the brilliant marketing.

Bay City Filmworks
Bay City Filmworks

Smells a wee bit cooked up to go viral but who knows. The marketing dept of this company is pretty creative so I wouldn’t put it past them. Kinda funny cause I actually have a couple of em left over from a project and was talking to someone about how cool it would be if I could somehow mount one on to one of the crows that are flying around for some cool shots. But how to get it back, I guess you’d have to get some kind a GPS chip in there or something… then what? shots would be cool though.

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