Vimeo user Darren Levine compares the Micro 4/3rds Panasonic AF100 to popular DSLR cameras.

You Talkin' to Me?

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jude ilukhor

i want to see a proper tutorial on the a f100 inside and outside thanks

Chris Hackett

Are there really people still arguing these separations? Form factor…. Thats the difference. Anything else through small tweaks here or there (in post or otherwise) can make these compared cams look the same. In my preference Id rather have a cam that I can take all the fixins’ off and fit into a vent without a problem and some room.


I had to turn it off after 4 minutes. Between his condescending tone and erroneous facts, he somehow made the most boring, pointless comparison video I have ever seen. Maybe he turned it around in the last 8 minutes but I find that hard to believe. Please post this on where it belongs.


Boring. the only valid comparison would be to show footage shot with the same specs.
Just because he spent more money does not mean it’s a better camera. It actually comes short in video quality.
The canon 5D mark II delivers 39 mb/s codec while the AF100 delivers 25 mb/s
The Sony PMW EX1R has a 35 mb/s.
The AF100 is just a new toy with all the gadgets, but does not stand up to the professional competition.

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