I know from our stats that more than 60% of you reading this are from outside the U.S. This most likely will be the first and last time I wright about my patriotic feelings, but I need to do it this one time.

I was born an American in 1973. I know it was completely random and at the very lest not in my control. I knew from an early age it should be something to be thankful for. So many are born in a world that doesn’t have my privileges or freedoms. I’m truly lucky.

For all of our faults I always knew we where the light. Freedom and justice are not simple terms for us. We have spilled our own blood for more than 200 years including a civil war to fulfill our destiny.

We have a long way to go, but even those that doubt our motives can be reassured by the fact that while we don’t always get it right the first time we always strive to do the right thing. I know some may take exception to that fact, but is there anyone else you would rather see in our position?

Part of our soul was taken away on a beautiful September morning almost ten years ago. Since then we have seen terrible natural disasters, man-made financial disasters and more. While killing one madman won’t fix all the worlds problems. It provides some closer to a wounded soul and that may just be the spark that changes our direction. In sort….

We’re back baby! Let that light shine bright!

Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind

No Sleep Till Brooklyn – The Beastie Boys

Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack

Sound Of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel

Walk on the Wild Side – Lou Reed

New York State Of Mind – Billy Joel

New York, New York- Frank Sinatra

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