“The Bride shall fight once more…” someone claiming to be Quentin Tarantino announced with the release of a 3 page teaser of “Kill Bill Volume 3” via twitter: “Ya’ll ready to see the first Kill Bill 3 preview?! Say pretty fucking please, with suga on top!” – Quentin Tarantino. He then tweeted the link to the PDF teaser version of Kill Bill 3’s screenplay.

Later he tweeted: “Hey, ask me if Chloe Moretz is playing B.B.”

Is it real? With only 5,000 followers I’ll let you decide.

You Talkin' to Me?

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It’s a fake Tarantino hand writes all of his screenplays.

If your going to fake something do some research

Joe Nomex

Natalia Vodianova could be the best to play BB role in Kill Bill Vol.3. Natalia could mybe start even Hollywood actor career with model bisnes.



This is a FAKE!


Is this script genuine? I didn’t even think that Tarantino had a Twitter account… Anyway, I do hope it’s real because Kill Bill is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER.


This is FAKE. Tarantino’s real twitter: http://twitter.com/qjtarantino

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