Looking to make a film but need a little help with the paperwork? We’ve painstakingly searched the internets and collected 588 free forms and contracts to help get you started.

Now before we start, everyone repeat after me: “THIS ARTICLE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR PROPER LEGAL ADVICE”

You probably won’t need all of these forms for your production, but hopefully this article will remind you the “boring” parts of filmmaking are just as important as everything else.

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American Federation of TV & Radio Artists (AFTRA)
Director’s Guild of America
Directors Guild of Canada (DGC)
Guild of Canadian Film Composers (GCFC)
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
Writers Guild of America (WGA)
Writers Guild of Canada (WGC)



Business Entities
Business Plans
Deal Memos




Call Sheets
Check Lists
Production Forms
Production Logs
Production Reports
Copyright, Trademarks and Releases
Safety Forms
Sign-Out Forms
Stock Inventory


Sound & Music



  1. Profile photo of Hugh Denno
    Hugh Denno Zoopraxiscope

    Great resource, Thanks!

    I am currently leading a sponsorship campaign and need contracts for film sponsors. I saw that your list contains templates for event and tour sponsors, but what about the more detailed and comprehensive sponsors of the film?

  2. DIYFilmSchool.net

    This is an incredibly comprehensive list and I wanted to let you know that we’ve linked to this page on our Resources page because you really can’t get much better than the list you’ve compiled.

    This collection of forms has been a staple in my productions but also in my recommendations for years. So there. smile

  3. Gemma

    Hi, I’m looking for a contract that will enable me to buy and / or use footage from other people’s/company’s films within my documentaries which are for the NGO sector.
    Any help is hugely appreciated.

  4. Gonzalo Acuna

    I am going to be making a small simple 30 second commercial. What contracts should I be using as guidelines? Release form the works?

  5. akhilesh jha

    someone plz tell me how can i get job in art direction filed like a setting boy
    i have to make a setting boy card
    can u help me about it

  6. Lulu

    This is a great website. Thank you very much. May the amazing effort, time, energy and wealth you’ve put into all this come back to you in the way you deserve and want.
    I really appreciate this, as it has saved me months!!

  7. Cocobean

    Is there a place with a list of all film festivals and the submission process? Does anyone have an idea of how to submit music video and where to submit it?

    thx. This is an awesome site

    1. Stefan Hajek

      The best place to get the low-down on nearly any and every festival that matters is withoutabox.com. You should be able to find everything you need there, and you can submit directly through their services.

  8. Gideon Hodge

    Does anyone know where I can find some better Producers Agreements? Something more comprehensive?

  9. Profile photo of alex
    alex Zoopraxiscope

    Sound Designer JOE
    Dialogue Editor JOE
    Sound Editor JOE
    Re-recording Mixer JOE
    Music Supervisor JOE
    Composer JOE
    Foley Artist JOE



  10. J.Cahill

    Anyone have a template for Budget Breakdown for Marketing costs for a microbudget feature?… Travel, Lodging, Food, Fest Submissions, print materials, EPK’s, DVD’s Replications, Poster Designs, Web, Blog, Social Media, etc… Thanks!

  11. vanessa

    i need a “shooting schedule” and as an AD, thats kinda important lol, so if anyone have info on a template that’ll be great, thnx in advance!

  12. Robert Bentil

    Am a talented film director, Continuity, editor and scripts writer in Ghana. I need help in kind or cash so that l can shoot and produce my own good movies for my people. Is there any help. Used camera is needed.

  13. Ankit choudhary

    hi m ankit frm ghaziabad i want to become a good actor like John Abraham so pls tell me how was i make a good actor.

  14. kris evan

    thank you for this very valuable post, i have used a number of these templates for my production, including the location agreement, shot lists and story boards. All came in very very useful, thanks again.

  15. Jack

    Hello, Does anyone know where we can find a Release form for video commercials, promo and infomeccials.
    In our production we use not only our footage but also stock footage, stills, computer graphics and stock music. All stock material we are buying from the stock material websites. Also we use vo custom recorded for us in professional studios. We don’t have any separate agreements with vo talents, or releases from them, but they price us based on info provided by us about usage of the video product – local TV, satelite TV ect. By the way, shoud I ask for release from vo talents, or their invoices are good enough?

  16. Heather

    Does anyone have a personal release geared towards youtube videos? Is there any language important to include in an appearance (interview) that will become a youtube video?

  17. Peter

    Adrian, this is what you need:

    As far as film festivals go you don;t need any forms to give them, you simply fill in there entry form which will state in there that you have all rights to the film. They won’t ask for the proof of this but the document i linked to above should be all you need to cover you for the audio.
    There are a few other similar forms in the copyright/release section.

  18. theo

    Copyright to original creation answer:

    Ask the person who wrote/performed the piece to allow you to use his/her (specific song) in your movie.
    There is no need to use complicated forms and pages of legal stuff for a simple permit from an individual.
    You may insert that he/she should wave all financial benefit, should you realize money form the movie and demand no royalty.

    If the person decline to sign, then forget it. It’s not worth the legal hassle. There are millions of trax available and people are willing to let you use it FREE.

    1. Adrian

      Thanks for the info Theo. I do trust these people and I don’t think there will be a problem in the future, plus they are willing to sign off the rights to me. Since they are willing to do so, I wanted to get a document that will work for Film Festivals and a distribution company in case some one will like to buy my film. Do you know of a simple one out there? do you have one?

      thanks again,

  19. Adrian

    HI, I am currently working on my first no-budget independent film, with the idea to send it to several Film Festivals. A friend of mine, has composed a song for the film. She owns all the rights to it. Is there a simple agreement that can be used in order for me to have the rights to use, reproduce and project/show the film publicly?


  20. Glenn

    Great site… Do you have a management agreement suitable b/w writer and manager who’s objective is helping shop a script (seeking a production deal)?

  21. Nikki

    Hi Dennis, which form do I use to get the rights from a band to use their song in my short film. thanks and this site rocks,btw.

    1. Adrian

      Hi Nikki,
      did you find a form? I am currently in the same situation, I need that form.


  22. eric

    can anyone suggest which form to use for a test screening; want to make sure that the audience keeps the screening confidential.

  23. Matthew

    This place is fantastic! Thanks! Anyone know where I can find some sort of co-production type contract between two companies? No idea what that involves…

  24. Mark

    Working with a one time big producer who’s given me “free reign” to help raise funds for two projects. I already have interest from two studios, but no contract. A lawyer told me I need a hybrid agreement that includes a finders fee as well as an attachment agreement that includes 2 1/2 % plus producer’s credit. Anyone have thoughts? Can’t seem to find it in here.

    1. theo

      yer lawyer is correct smile
      get the finder’s fee with a simple paragraph you can do yourself.

      “I find you moolah for your project and ya gimme X% finder’s fee…. this agreement valid until (xxxxx)”

      Been there done that.

  25. Dennis Hartwig Zoopraxiscope OP

    @Oroloro: You should take extra care with Finder’s Agreements (or any other type of funding agreement).. Depending on how the investment is structured you can run into all sorts of securities laws.

    Take a look at this article:

    “Finder’s fee agreements: Potential pitfalls and considerations”

    Some “sample” contracts:


  26. Profile photo of Oroloro
    Oroloro Zoopraxiscope

    Looking for a sample Finder’s Agreement – for those who are looking for funds and get a percentage. Any simple models?

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