World War Z

Color grading WORLD WAR Z

Captured on ARRI ALEXAs World War Z maintains several looks to evoke specific moods as Brad Pitt’s character moves from place to place in his zombie-battling endeavors. DI colorist Adam Glasman of Company 3, London, talks with Arri about grading the film. What was the overall approach to grading WWZ? It was obviously a very Read MoreRead More

We Are the Disease: Apocalypse Porn, the American Zombie, and WORLD WAR Z

Jesse Damiana explores our fascination with the world-is-coming-to-an-end stories and films. If there’s one thing World War Z proves, it’s that the apocalypse can be more than just exhilarating; it can be downright gorgeous. There’s a certain splendor in chaos, and the film’s creators make full use of their oft-discussedbudget by sparing not a single moment of grisly Read MoreRead More