WORDS – a Short Film by the WGA on the Importance of Writing

This short film, released by the Writers Guild Foundation in 1987, honors the craft of screenwriting and the writers behind our favorite lines and cinematic moments. Written and directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Chuck Workman, it was screened at film festivals and college campuses around the country to inspire writers and celebrate the importance Read MoreRead More

WGA survey: Screenwriters are gravitating to the small screen

It used to be said Film is where you made Art but TV is where you made money. Perhaps things are changing as television is drawing more and more screenwriters… Screenwriters who once viewed television as inferior to the big screen increasingly are giving the small screen more props. That’s one of the key takeaways Read MoreRead More

Fight or Flight: Doug Richardson’s Battle over WGA Credits for the Film “Hostage”

Screenwriter Doug Richardson provides a candid look at the ugly battle for credit on a movie (which means money) and the WGA arbitration process. Ring ring. “Hi. It’s Doug Richardson. You’ve reached my voicemail. Please leave a message.” Beep. “Hi, Doug. It’s Susie from credits over at the Writer’s Guild. We have a decision on Read MoreRead More

Tony Kushner on Writing the Screenplay for “Lincoln”

In this interview by Dylan Callaghan, Pulitzer Prize-winner Tony Kushner re-traces his six-year odyssey in scripting Lincoln and illuminates how the bloody and transcendent story the film centers on is still playing out in America today. The new film Lincoln draws its considerable dramatic power from the moral, existential dilemmas that churn at America’s core. It’s unlike any film legendary Read MoreRead More

A Guide to Hollywood Unions

In Hollywood, making movies is big business. And were there is big business, the workers unite to form unions. The following list is a sampling of the unions that every large production in Los Angeles will work with in the process of making a film. Read More

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