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Why Ben Affleck Said ‘Yes’ to Batman (Analysis)

There’s a Hollywood game of thrones afoot with the announcement that Ben Affleck would don the cape and cowl – Borys Kit looks at the motives and stakes involved with what promises to be a tentpole film of 2015. Thursday’s seemingly out-of-left field announcement by Warner Bros. that Ben Affleckwas cast as Batman in the sequel Read MoreRead More

‘The Hobbit:’ Inside Peter Jackson and Warner Bros.’ $1 Billion Gamble

Peter Jackson’s much anticipated Hobbit will hit theaters on Christmas 2012. It seemed like a natural leap from Lord of the Rings to the Hobbit, but Jackson needed some coaxing to dive back into Middle Earth. On a sloping slab of artificial woodland surrounded by enormous green screens stands an old wizard and 13 elaborately Read MoreRead More

‘Hobbit’ Lawyers Threaten ‘Age of the Hobbits’ Movie

Asylum Studios is known for making films with titles that can easily be confused with big blockbusters. There’s no question what they’re trying to do… but now Warner Bros. is taking legal action. That question is at the center of an escalating legal spat between producers of the upcoming big-budgetThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and a Read MoreRead More

Hollywood studios in midst of their own horror show: DVD Sales plummet

As DVD sales drop by as much as 25% in some studios, Hollywood is scrambling to find solid consistent cash generators. …As the lineup of newly elevated studio executives scramble for solutions, expect an even greater emphasis on so-called “branded entertainment”: sequels and movies based on toys, old television shows and other familiar themes. Movies Read MoreRead More

EDGE: Farewell to the ‘quality’ film

It’s not just armchair fawning over the good old days… studios are closing down the “prestige” divisions which could lead to 40% fewer films released during the ever important “award season”. …, which tracks openings, has announced that American distributors are scheduled to release 40 percent fewer films from now until December — the time Read MoreRead More

Video Review: Watchmen

“Gospel John” Hess takes a look at Watchmen – a new film based on the popular graphic novel. From Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures, Watchmen is directed by 300 director Zack Snyder. Watchmen on Director: Zack Snyder Writers: David Hayter, Alex Tse Original Comic Books: Dave Gibbons, Alan Moore Staring: Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Read MoreRead More

USC Creates Lab To Bring 3D Into Homes

ETC’s Press Release: LOS ANGELES (September 8, 2008) – The Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) announced today that it will set up a Stereoscopic 3-D Content Testing Lab addition to its Anytime/Anywhere Content Lab. Building on the success of ETC’s world-renowned Digital Cinema Laboratory, ETC’s studio and other sponsors will be using the AACL to explore Read MoreRead More

Is Fox trying to shelf ‘Watchmen’ out of spite?

Is it possible Zack Snyder’s much anticipated $100 million adaptation of a comic book Watchmen that Kevin Smith and others have been raving over will never be seen by the public? Earlier this year, Twentieth Century Fox filed a lawsuit (Watchmen lawsuit original documents) against Warner Bros. seeking to stop Watchmen’s release (scheduled for March Read MoreRead More