Vincent Laforet

If you want to stand out in the filmmaking crowd, focus on the evolution of your CRAFT – not the TOOLS.

In a world where access is universal and affordable – the only thing distinguishing one from another is knowledge and talent. Vincent Laforet lays his thoughts on the continuing progress of technology. I, like many others, was pulled into the DSLR movement by a magical force called ACCESS. The DSLRs were affordable, lightweight, and produced Read MoreRead More

Vincent Laforet’s Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking

In this basics course from 2011, first-time filmmakers and photographers making the transition into video will be introduced to many of the core building blocks necessary to make their first short films. Students will come away from this online workshop with a good understanding of what tools they need for their productions, and when and Read MoreRead More

Reuse those Old Professional Lenses on Modern Digital Sensors with the Digitaoptik Converter

Vincent Laforet and Visual Buddha discuss the Digitaloptik Converter, an adapter that allows you to use old professional film lenses designed for Academy 35mm film on modern Digital sensors which are much wider. The Digitaloptik converter solves one of the most relevant issues that a lot of DPs are working to solve on today’s sets when it Read MoreRead More

Can Personality Trump Talent When Selecting Crew?

Your crew is who you’ll spend countless hours with – Vincent Laforet takes a look at the tactics for selecting the people you want to work with. The first lesson I learned in life with regards to this took place when I was 16 years old.  I was working at the Gamma Liason photo agency Read MoreRead More

MoVI – A Revolutionary Handheld Stabilized System Takes Flight

Vincent Laforet debutes the M?VI – a mechanized 3 axis gyro systemg system for creating free flying shots. I imagine that I’m far from alone when it comes to having been terribly addicted to bolting down a hall as a child, my arms spread out like wings, and feeling the rush of gravity as I accelerated Read MoreRead More

Vincent Laforet and Cheap Camera Challenge

Digital Rev challenged Vincent Laforet to see what he could do with an old film still camera and a Lens Baby on the streets of Hong Kong. Vincent Laforet on his experiences: I’ve been thinking a lot lately.   About everything.   The business.   Our “craft” and the economics and sustainability of what we do Read MoreRead More

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Masterclass in Why HFR Fails…

Vincent Laforet goes in depth about his opinion of why the 48 fps HFR experiment fails and why 24 is still the magic number for filmmaking. Peter Jackson, a terrifically talented film maker and pioneer of new cinema technology, has given the world of cinema a very important, and perhaps unintended, gift with his latest Read MoreRead More

Vincent Laforet on RedRock Ultra Cage Expansions

One thing’s for sure, ever since the DSLR revolution, camera manufacturers have given up on camera ergonomics. But there are companies that are happy to accept money for solutions to make those awkward boxes into something that sort of makes sense for shooting a movie. Vincent Laforet looks at some new accessories from Redrock Micro. Read MoreRead More

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