Obsessed with “Vertigo”: The Restoration of a Hitchcock Masterpiece

A documentary about the making and restoration of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece “Vertigo”. Narrated by Roddy McDowall, with behind-the-scenes talk from Barbara Bel Geddes, Henry Bumstead, Robert A. Harris, Patricia Hitchcock, James C. Katz, Kim Novak, Peggy Robertson and Martin Scorsese, as well as other cast members. Brings fresh perspective, not just to the film and Read MoreRead More

Did ‘Vertigo’ Introduce Computer Graphics to Cinema?

  Saul Bass is a much celebrated graphic designer who was responsible for many of the title sequences during the 50s and 60s. For Vertigo, Bass wanted to create perfect mathematically defined spirals and he turned to a computerized gun controller, working with collaborator John Whitney to create what was one of the first computer aided Read MoreRead More

Philosopher Slavoj Zizek Interprets Hitchcock’s Vertigo in The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema

Philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek is a polarizing figure, in and out of the Academy. He has been accused of misogyny and opportunism, and a Guardian columnist once wondered if he is “the Borat of philosophy.” The latter epithet might be as much a reference to his occasional boorishness as to his Slovenian-accented English. Despite Read MoreRead More

Hitchcock’s Storyboards from 13 Classic Films

Hitchcock was known for his extensive storyboarding down to the finest detail of production. He was reported to have never even bothered looking through the viewfinder, since he didn’t need to do so. Looking at his storyboards versus the finial film it’s safe to say that is a vast overstatement.Read More