Why You Clicked on That Tweet: The Psychology of Twitter Engagement

Lanya Olmsted outlines 4 pscyhological theories behind why people clicked on that tweet. Via Raindance What does the academic field that has brought us Freudian theories have to do with the social network that popularized hashtags and play-by-play updates of Sunday brunches? More than you would think. We want to know what will motivate our followers Read MoreRead More

A Useful 75 page Document on How to Market Your Webseries

Making a web series can be serious business. Julie Giles created this document for the Independent Production Fund of Canada to get you started on how to promote and market your web series. While it wasn’t so long ago that a scripted web series was considered a promotional offshoot of a television series, or a Read MoreRead More

Generation Like | Frontline

Thanks to social media, teens are able to directly interact with their culture — celebrities, movies, brands — in ways never before possible. But is that real empowerment? Or do marketers hold the upper hand? In “Generation Like,” Douglas Rushkoff explores how the teen quest for identity has migrated to the web — and exposes Read MoreRead More

Broken on Purpose: How Social Media wants us to Pay to Get it Right

Social media networks are maturing and the days of creating genuine buzz and following may be starting to get crushed by large media company interests. For example, Facebook throttles fan page messages to just 15 percent of fans – unless you pay them to spread the message further to your “fan base”. Many of us Read MoreRead More

Social Media Set Management Issues

By Jon M. Garon Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, PC The challenge for the film producer is that potential distributors may have different goals regarding the marketing of the project. If the pre-release campaign does not work, the failed marketing will add an additional impediment to the sale of the film. In essence, the independent producer Read MoreRead More

Clive Thompson on the New Literacy

A quick scan of social media sites and one might take a doubtful view of the future of literacy. But those are merely growing pains – a generation ago, those very same people would have never composed a sentence outside of school. The truth is, we are in a new age of literacy… …Andrea Lunsford Read MoreRead More

Hollywood film stars banned from Twitter

It’s the sign of the times: Hollywood contracts are now stipulating confidentiality when it comes to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. …According to The Hollywood Reporter, the entertainment newspaper, a recent talent contract from Disney includes a new clause forbidding confidentiality breaches via “interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other interactive Read MoreRead More

Tips for writers: Go away, Internet

Is the Internet a tool or distraction? We it’s certainly both and all writers need to find a balance. Although, finding that balance is easier said than done. Jacket Copy, the book blog of The L.A. Times, takes a look at some of the more drastic measures some writers have implemented to avoid “the web Read MoreRead More