Wanna Go on an Adventure? World Nomads Puts You on Assignment in Vietnam

Wanna go on an adventure? For nearly ten years, World Nomads has been sponsoring photographers, writers and filmmakers to go on a once-in-a-lifetime assignment to capture the stories from around the globe. This year, one aspiring filmmaker will get a chance to make a travel film in Vietnam! If selected you’ll get: A free flight Read MoreRead More

8 Travel Photography Hacks for More Budget and Versatile Photography Gear

Brendan van Son shares 8 simple tips to work fast and light. 1. Macro Extension Tubes Macro extension tubes are something that I’ve had in my photography gear for ages. Essentially, what they do is take your lens farther away from your sensor allowing you to focus closer to your subject. They only cost about $50 Read MoreRead More

How to Prepare Gear for Massive Video Shoots Abroad

Udi Tirosh shares some things he’s learned about gear prep when shooting in a foreign country. One of the biggest challenges with any creative production is gear management. At the start of my time as a creative, I don’t know how many times I have arrived at a location and realized a crucial part of Read MoreRead More

5 Critical Tips for Travel Photographers

Joey L. shares some battle-hardened tips from traveling abroad on assignment or personal photography. My first tip for traveling photographers is to protect your gear from theft. There are theives in every part of the world, not just developing countries. They know how much your pretty camera can fetch for on a black market, and Read MoreRead More

Inflatable Airline Camera Bag

By Allan Weitz Traveling with precision tools and instruments has long been a game of seeing how far one can press the limits of government/corporate rules without pushing one-button-too-many of the person behind the ticket counter. Ever tighter carry-on allowances and checked baggage fees of $25, $50, $75, and higher have only made things worse. Read MoreRead More