Title Sequence

Watch The Title Sequence for “Empire Strikes Back” done James Bond Style

Designed, directed, and produced by Kurt Rauffer Instructor: Daniel Oeffinger Music: Spectre by Radiohead Star Wars is one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises to date, containing one of the most unique universes in sci-fi fiction. Not only is the universe incredibly iconic, so is it’s title sequence (the famous title crawl). Designed by Dan Perri, the Read MoreRead More

Pablo Ferro on Making The Titles for Dr. Strangelove

Title Designer PABLO FERRO speaks about his work on Dr. Strangelove. I was doing commercials and I created a new way to cut and that’s why I got popular. That’s how Stanley [Kubrick] saw my work. He saw my reel and he loved it. He said, “I would like you to do the trailer for Strangelove because Read MoreRead More

The Making of the Title Sequence from “The LEGO Movie”

Art of the Title interviews Creative Director Brian Mah, VFX Supervisor James Andrson  and Executive Producer Kathy Kelehan of Alma Mater on their work on the side scrolling stop motion animation that is the credit sequence for “The LEGO Movie” So, how did this project begin? What was the first meeting about this sequence like? BM: We were initially contacted Read MoreRead More

Saul Bass – Title Champ

Set to a bebop jazz beat, this documentary brings to life the extraordinary work of graphic designer Saul Bass, whose groundbreaking title sequences for Hitchcock’s films transformed the art of movie titles. Through interviews with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Guillermo del Toro, this film reveals why Bass is still considered the medium’s greatest Read MoreRead More

The Story behind Skyfall’s Title Sequence

The Art of the Title interviews Daneil Kleinman, the designer of James Bond’s latest outting as well as covering the history of a franchise which has been consistent in delivery more and more ellaborate title sequecenes. In the last interview before his passing in 1991, longtime Bond titles directorMaurice Binder observed that Bond sequences were the Read MoreRead More

On the Making of the Title Sequence for “Oz the Great and Powerful”

Hollywood effects studio yU+co discusses the concept and making of the title sequence for the Oz prequel. Hollywood-based design/production studioyU+co created the imaginative main title and end title sequences for the new Sam Raimi filmOz the Great and Powerful. The goal was to embrace the idea of illusion that plays a central role in the story, and pay Read MoreRead More

James Bond: 50 Years of Main Title Design

Title sequences and James Bond movies go hand in hand. Art of the Title looks back at the last fifty years and profiles the artists that brought the sequences to life. After 50 years and 23 films, the James Bond franchise is inarguably the most successful and steadfast in film history. Based on a canon Read MoreRead More

James Bond Title Sequence Director Daniel Kleinman on Being a Commercial Director

In this vintage interview with IdeasTrap, Daniel Kleinman, the director of the opening sequences for every Bond film since Goldeneye (except for Quantum of Solace) talks about what it’s like working in the commercial directing realm.Read More

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