7 Ways to Master the Art of the Script Rewrite

Rewriting is a skill,  Ken Miyamoto offers 7 tips to develop your rewriting talents. 1. Preparation  This starts before you write one single word in your first draft. Preparation is key. You need know your concept, story, characters, themes, and tone before you begin typing. This is called development. How do you accomplish this? Do your homework. Read MoreRead More

Ask the Analyst – Common Scriptwriting Questions from Themes to How to Get a Script Read by Studios

Expert screenplay readers and analysts from ScriptShark answer questions that Facebook fans and Twitter followers posted. Read on to find helpful answers to questions regarding how to become a professional screenwriter and many other aspects of screenwriting and the movie business… Q: What exactly makes a strong theme? Should public opinion affect one’s themes when Read MoreRead More

My RØDE Reel 2015 – Tips & Tricks – Costume Design

Costume design plays an important role in supporting the visual look of your film. Start off with illustrations or sketches to flesh out your costume taking into consideration the effects that the costume may have on the audio & lighting. Try to strike a balance between functionality, practicality & on camera authenticity.Read More

Sanitary Napkins Can Dry and Dehumidify Your Lenses in Wet Environments

Are you working in a wet environment – a simple trip to the pharmacy can get you a pretty decent lens dehumidifier. I often shoot time-lapse photos in harsh outdoor environments, and over the years I have discovered a number of odd items that are useful for my work. One of them is sanitary napkins (AKA sanitary Read MoreRead More

Non-Technical Video Editing Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Work

Noam Kroll considers a few non-technical approaches that could improve your editing. Know When to Favor Wide Shots Over Closeups If you’ve been editing for any substantial amount of time, you probably have fallen into some sort of rhythm or workflow that helps you get through every project. Many editors are accustomed to choosing their Read MoreRead More

Newsflash – No One Wants to Read Your Script

Script readers all suffer from reading burn-oit. Lisa Alden offers a few tips on how to get past the defenses and write a decent readable script. A few years ago, a screenwriter named Josh Olsen wrote a piece for the Village Voice called “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script.” I wouldn’t say it broke the Read MoreRead More

10 Filmmaking Tips from Mark and Jay Duplass

“Employ a strict ‘No Assholes’ policy” and more great advice from the filmmaking bros. At the Producers Brunch at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25th (where their producing partner on “The Bronze,” Stephanie Langhof, received the Sundance Institute Red Crown Producers Award), the meta-multihyphenates provided the keynote in handy list format: 10 tips for Read MoreRead More

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