The Church of Comedy

The director of Wedding Crashers and The Change-Uplearned The Ten Commandments of Directing Comedy through trial and error—not divine inspiration. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF DIRECTING COMEDY 1. “KINDA FUNNY” MEANS IT’S NOT WORKING Laughter is binary: It either happens or it doesn’t. As each joke arrives in the course of a film, the cavernous space of the theater Read MoreRead More

Pro Tips for Shooting Better B-Roll

The Transom Online Workshop asked videographer/director Slavik Boyechko, of the PBS series INDIE ALASKA, to walk us — also slide, pan, tilt, and rack focus us — thru the mysteries of making beautiful B-Roll visuals for feature stories. –TOW Start with your wide lens. When you arrive at your location, before you meet your subject, quickly Read MoreRead More

Why Screenwriters and Filmmakers Fail

Raindance collects a series of articles on the pitfalls and traps that keep filmmakers from making films. Their Scripts And Screenplays Don’t Tell Stories One of the most common failings with films submitted to the festival is that they lack structure; if there’s no story, people won’t watch it. This is the same for documentaries; Read MoreRead More

Screenwriting Advice – People forget Years and Remember Moments

Here’s an intriguing idea from Scott Myers of Go Into The Story - about focusing on the small moments rather than the large brush strokes. “People forget years and remember moments.” These words of wisdom from author Ann Beattie are profound in their simplicity and nowhere more true than movies. Think about a favorite film of yours. Read MoreRead More

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Build a Successful Career in the Film Industry

Robert Hardy presents a few tips for how to build a career making movies. Build A Strong Reputation In the world of freelance filmmaking, where a good portion of your gigs will come from referrals, your reputation is your most valuable asset. How many times have you been on a film set, only to find Read MoreRead More

How To Succeed In Screenwriting – The Do List

Screen writing coach Lee Jessup offers a list of things to do to give yourself a fighting chance at success as a screenwriter. Every day, I work with both working and aspiring screenwriters to help push their screenwriting careers forward. While every writer takes their own, unique path to success, I have seen some commonalities emerge, Read MoreRead More

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