Create Your Own HDR Day to Night Timelapse

Stefan Surmabojov shows you how to create a cool looking HDR day to night time-lapse. Starting with the needed equipment for the shoot, he’ll also cover the settings of the camera and the intervalometer. Finally, he’ll go to the post-processing stage where all the magic will happen. Tutorial Via CGI Tuts+  Read More

How to Create a Starlight Time Lapse Video

What to know how those spectacular night timelapses of starry skies are done? Stefan Surmabojov covers the basics in this tutorial on how to shoot night timelapse. Location Shooting starlight time lapse video is really exciting and interesting, but unfortunately you can’t shoot it everywhere. If you live in a big city, you’ll have to leave it Read MoreRead More

Hyperlapse Tutorial – How-to from start to finish

This tutorial from Rustad Media·will show you how to create a hyperlapse video from start to the finish. It will go through the camera settings, how to move the camera and post processing with Lightroom and Warp Stabilizer in After Effects. It will also give you a few tricks for regular time-lapse videos as well. Read MoreRead More

4 Things to Consider When Making Time-Lapse Photographs

Alan Steadman lists 4 considerations for capturing timelapse. It seems the perfect storm of affordable cameras, constant updates in technology, and adventurous artists has hit us and brought with it a large wave of time lapses. I’m not sure when time lapses really became as popular as they are right now but they show no Read MoreRead More

A Bulb Ramping Tutorial for Correcting Exposures in Changing Light Conditions

Using an external Intervalometer  Joel Schat demonstrates how to perform a Bulb Ramping tutorial which adjusts the shutter speed over time. Shooting a Timelapse from day – night can be a nightmare without the proper equipment. For a long time I shot my sunset’s and day – night shots using the Holy Grail LRTimelapse method and making exposure Read MoreRead More

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