Time Management

10 Time Management Tips for Busy Screenwriters

Jason McKinnon offers ten tips for busy writers to keep up with their daily writing. Below you’ll find 10 simple techniques I’ve used to keep up with my screenwriting. I’ll settle into a new routine that includes time for my screenplay eventually. Until then, I consider myself extremely lucky to be blessed with such a Read MoreRead More

11 Riffs on Creativity & Time

Time eludes the best-intentioned creatives. Author & creativity consultant Jeffrey Davis offers 12 riffs to reframe how to sculpt, not save, time. Most creative people with whom I work and study – scientists, authors, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, teachers – find their optimal mix between messy chaos and creative order in their work life.  Almost without Read MoreRead More

How to Direct a Music Video

From Videomaker: Directing music videos requires the skillful mixing of three rare traits: a good sense of style and creativity, strong leadership, and an extensive knowledge of technology. Though it might seem like few could fit this bill, we’ll show you some helpful tips that can help anyone make sure their talent and crew give them Read MoreRead More

What Can You Do to Save Time, Be Faster and Improve Your Efficiency as a Camera Assistant?

Time on a set is always at a premium – Evan Luzi shares some tips to be more responsive on the set. Do you take too much time to do certain things on set? I do. I’m a short guy so sometimes it takes me awhile to lug heavy camera rigs to new setups. By the time Read MoreRead More

A Reel Change – and what’s so great about 15 minutes

How can 15 minutes, change your working world? If you are looking to make changes in how you work, to be more efficient, to master your time – then try this idea.

This film outlines the most effective way to management your time and activity – and why it works using the film reel as a guide.Read More