Visual storytelling: Is that all?

David Bordwell examines both Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Brian De Palma’s Mission Impossible to see how visual storytelling isn’t just reliant on story but other conventions of story telling. The phrase “visual storytelling” is a very modern invention. It seems to be unknown before the mid-1940s, and it doesn’t really become common until the 1990s. It Read MoreRead More

Did HIMYM Earn Its Ending? | PBS Idea Channel

I Met Your Mother is a popular sitcom that has been running 9 years, teasing its audience the whole long way with the riddle of the identity of THE MOTHER. But with its recent finale and the mystery resolved, the reaction was mixed. Did Ted end up with who he was meant to all along? Read MoreRead More

The History of Cutting – The Soviet Theory of Montage

Building on the works of D.W. Griffith and the development of “continuity editing” in early film history, Soviet silent filmmakers would pioneer new innovative ideas about editing that moved film from an extension of theater into a mature and powerful artistic medium. This lesson is proudly sponsored by: Creating the world’s highest quality solutions Read MoreRead More

Leading Lines: Photography’s Most Underrated Composition Device

In the world of photography, leading lines can help the guide the viewer to an object of interest or create movement in a static image. There’s no reason why the same techniques can’t be applied to motion pictures. Check out this 4 part series on lines in photography. Never underestimate the impact that leading lines Read MoreRead More

Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block: Introducing the Moral Premise

by Stan Williams, Ph.D I hate writer’s block, and I’m sure you do, too. If you’re like most writers you have a file drawer full of stories started but never completed. The ideas were great, or so you thought. They kept you awake far into the night pecking them out. Now, they languish in a Read MoreRead More

The Coming Age of Story

by James Bonnet The interest in story is greater now than it has ever been, and – putting aside for a moment the movie business, television, book publishing, other major producers of story and their consumers – that interest now extends to every facet of our society. Heavily funded, major research projects now exist throughout Read MoreRead More

7 Places to Write Your Screenplay

Suffering from writers block? Does a change of scenery help? Christopher Rice writes about the seven of the places where creativity flows in abundance. …Stephen King suggests that you create a space for yourself somewhere in your house where you can go to do nothing but write. Whether it’s the balcony, office, or bathroom, be Read MoreRead More

SCREENWRITING TIPS: 5 Reasons Why Not to Write What You Know

Christopher Rice indulges us with his experiences as a professional Hollywood story analyst with first hand knowledge of what not to do. …You’ll most likely be told to write what you know from dozens of screenwriting books, screenwriting professors, seminars, fellow students, and probably even strangers while preparing to write a screenplay, but if there’s Read MoreRead More

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