The Shining

13 Classic Scenes That Explain How Horror Movies Work

Just because Halloween’s over doesn’t mean you have to put away the scary movies. Vox examines 13 horror film scenes for clues on how the genre works. The grandfather of horror Any discussion of how horror movies work must begin in one place — the battle between light and darkness. And if we’re beginning there, Read MoreRead More

The Full Oral History of the Making of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”

The Elstree Project started as an oral history project designed to record, preserve and share the memories of people who have worked at the studios of Elstree and Borehamwood. Here is the full story, at 55-minutes in length, and with contributions from nine crew members who worked on the film and Stanley Kubrick’s widow, Christiane.Read More

Producing The Shining: Jan Harlan on Kubrick

Jan Harlan recounts what it was like to producing his brother-in-law’s films. Stanley Kubrick’s creative processes remain a source of fascination for film fans still under the spell of his 13 feature films, each a singular vision and many cinematic milestones of the second half of the 20th century. No Kubrick film ever gave any suggestion Read MoreRead More

The Hellish Production of Six Great Movies

Very rarely does a film go exactly as predicted. Here are six behind the scenes stories from great films where the plan didn’t exactly come together. 6. Eyes Wide Shut The torment that comes from Stanley Kubrick’s final film was not from the conditions of the set, nor was it even from any complications that Read MoreRead More

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