The Hobbit

7 Elements of Photography We Can Learn From The Hobbit

Just because a film’s office supply budget is more than your entire film budget doesn’t mean you can’t learn something about aesthetics that you can apply to your own film. Here are 7 Elements we can pull from The Hobbit. 1. Dramatic Lighting You will notice that in the majority of good portraiture, dramatic lighting is often a Read MoreRead More

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Masterclass in Why HFR Fails…

Vincent Laforet goes in depth about his opinion of why the 48 fps HFR experiment fails and why 24 is still the magic number for filmmaking. Peter Jackson, a terrifically talented film maker and pioneer of new cinema technology, has given the world of cinema a very important, and perhaps unintended, gift with his latest Read MoreRead More

How Peter Jackson Shrank the Hobbits

There are a lot of traditional techniques for shrinking actors whether it’s done in post via a greenscreen or on set with forced perspective. But these techniques don’t hold up as well when working with camera movement in a 3D shoot. That’s when creative engineering comes along – using two linked motion controlled setups (shooting different Read MoreRead More

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