The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola’s Handwritten Casting Notes for The Godfather

This is the hand written list of possible casting choices for Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece The Godfather. Laurence Olivier as Vito Corleone? Dustin Hoffman as Michael? Those are two of the intriguing options director Francis Ford Coppola was apparently mulling over when he jotted down these notes while preparing to make his classic 1972 film The Godfather. Read MoreRead More

Craft Truck interviews Gordon Willis: Cinematography for the “The Godfather” Trilogy and “Annie Hall”

Gordon Willis is regarded by all of his peers as one of the greatest cinematographers in the history of film, and for many as the greatest of all time, period. Meeting with him only served to have him rise in our esteem from previous. Without wanting to use hyperbole, between lensing The Godfather trilogy, many Read MoreRead More

The Godfather and the Mob

Originally airing on England’s Channel 4 TV, The Godfather And The Mob reveals the true life story of murder, mafia and mayhem that occurred behind the scenes of the most iconic gangster film ever made. When plans were revealed to turn Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel into a film, the mafia claimed The Godfather to be anti-American-Italian and attempted to stop the film being made.Read More

The Godfather: ‘Nobody enjoyed one day of it’

Considered the best film ever made, the Godfather’s production is a story of tumultuous studio fighting, casting problems, and bitter battles between director and producer. …“It was the most miserable film I can think of to make,” declares its producer, Al Ruddy. “Nobody enjoyed one day of it.” Coppola agrees: “It was just non-stop anxiety Read MoreRead More

Hidden Structures in Great Stories and Their Enormous Power

by James Bonnet When I speak of a great story, I mean stories or films that are critically acclaimed and generally acknowledged to be classics. I also mean bestsellers, box office successes, and stories that have lived for hundreds or even thousands of years. So I?m talking about stories like The Iliad and The Odyssey, Read MoreRead More

505 Behind The Scenes Videos

Take a peak behind the Tinsel Town magic with this collection of 505 behind the scenes videos from over 100 popular and historic movies. If we overlooked your favorite film don’t worry, with the amount of footage floating around the internets I’m sure we will deliver that other Hollywood staple, the sequel. Stay tuned…. Also Read MoreRead More