An Interview With Zack Snyder, Director Of ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

Mark Hughes interviews the controversial filmmaker on his career and the influences that will lead to “Batman Vs. Superman” MH: When did you become a fan of Batman, and of comics in general? Was it in the mid-1980s with the arrival of The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, two comics you often discuss with such Read MoreRead More

Superman: Christ Figure Or Ultimate Immigrant?

Robert Saucedo looks at the story of Superman and some of the religious inspirations behind the man of steel. It is not hard to understand why Superman, DC Comics’ man of steel, is so often associated with Christian imagery. The character — a strong-chested and even stronger-willed superhero created in 1938 — has in recent years Read MoreRead More

21 Cinematic Title Tutorials for After Effects

Wow the audience with a larger than life Hollywood Blockbuster title sequence! We’ve gather together 21 tutorials showing how to create titles of some of the most popular films around which you can tweak and make work for your next film.Read More

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