Behind the scenes – 2015 Sundance Film Festival with Chief Entertainment Photographer Larry Busacca

Go behind the scenes at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival with Getty Images Chief Entertainment Photographer Larry Busacca. With a steady stream of celebrities coming through the Getty Images portrait studio, Busacca is tasked with capturing unique portraits of the stars and ensemble casts. See what it takes to capture these unique portraits and not Read MoreRead More

Submitting to Sundance: Two Festival Programmers Share Their Insight

Lisa Ogdie and Kim Yutani discuss the selection process at Sundance. Last week, Sundance Film Festival programmers Lisa Ogdie and Kim Yutani stopped by Film Independent to do a Q&A with our members, offering insight into the selection process as well as helpful hints for filmmakers submitting their work. The deadlines for Sundance 2015 are Read MoreRead More

The Golden Age of Creative Distribution Is Upon Us, Use These 5 Tips to Stay Ahead

PJ Raval offers 5 tips to keep in mind the independent distribution game. It’s true. Distribution is a hard road for any independent film and perhaps more so for a documentary – and even more so for one about gay seniors and the aging community. Despite these odds, we’ve been feeling good about our distribution Read MoreRead More

Sundance Institute Music and Sound Design Labs at Skywalker Sound

This exclusive SoundWorks Collection video talks with Skywalker Sound’s Director of Sound Design, Randy Thom and Sundance Institute, Director of the Film Music Program, Peter Golub about the two creative organizations effort to support independent filmmakers and sound designers.Read More

Tips For Getting Into Sundance from Sundance Programmers

Film Independent asked Sundance programmers Kim Yutani and Lisa Ogdie to give us the scoop on how the process works and tips to help filmmakers give their films a fighting chance. 1. Focus on the film. What is the most important part of the submission package? Do press materials make a major difference to programmers? Read MoreRead More

Robert Rodriguez Sundance Q&A on El Mariachi Collection

After a Collection Screening of his film El Mariachi, celebrating the 20-year anniversary of its Sundance Film Festival premiere, Robert Rodriguez reminisces about the film’s production and answers audience questions. Recorded January 19, 2013Read More

Why Sundance and Its Filmmakers Resemble Silicon Valley and Its Entrepreneurs

Marc Ruxin compares the entrepreneur attitude of independent filmmakers with the engineers and programmers shaping the technological world. The closing evening of the 30th annual Sundance Film Festival seemed like an opportune time to ponder the similarities between two sets of oddly kindred spirits. “It took 10 years, innumerable false starts, five maxed out credit cards, and Read MoreRead More

New Directions for Independent Cinema: Ian Calderon

Ian Calderon, director of digital initiatives for the Sundance Institute, talks with CinemaTech editor Scott Kirsner about trends in independent film: delivering content to mobile phones and Internet-connected TVs, producing in 3-D, piracy, and the challenge of breaking through the noise — whether you’re submitting a film to Sundance or uploading it to Vimeo or Read MoreRead More

At Sundance, New Approaches to Finding an Audience

The big question – how to find and reach your audience, is being pondered by the folks at the film festival that has become synonymous with “Independent Films”. Alternatives include, online sales, YouTube, and Video On Demand. …PARK CITY, Utah — The starkest picture to emerge from the opening days of this year’s Sundance Film Read MoreRead More

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