How 300’s innovations in 2006 became the clichés of 2014

Follow the modern trend of sword and sandal genre that started back with Zack Snyder’s 300 in 2006. When Zack Snyder’s 300 became an unexpected blockbuster in 2007 (after playing one festival in 2006), the success spawned a slew of analyses in the showbiz press, as pundits tried to pinpoint how this particular movie seemingly came Read MoreRead More

A Cinematographer’s Plea to the Budding Film Auteur : Move Your Camera

Cybel Martin implores you to use move the camera – one of the most important elements of developing a personal visual style as a director. I went to a recent screening of “Letter From an Unknown Woman” at MOMA with a friend and fellow Max Ophulsdevotee. As always, I was delighted and swept away by Ophuls’ complex love stories and Read MoreRead More

What Does “Literary Style” Mean in Terms of Writing a Screenplay?

Screenwriting requires it’s own style often depending on the whether the script is a selling script or a shooting script. Scott Myers details some of these differences and examines a few scripts for writing style. Let me preface my comments by making a distinction between a selling script and a shooting script. A shooting script is a production Read MoreRead More

Tips for Creative Portraits from Miss Aniela

Photographer-artist Miss Aniela shot to internet fame with her series of heavily stylised images, including many self-portraits. Here are her top photography tips for shooting more creative portraits. Use props imaginatively Using a magnifying glass in Tusk (below) enabled me to turn a simple beauty portrait into something quirkier. The blue of the magnified eye made the overall colour Read MoreRead More