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Tricking out your DSLR for Video

By David Speranza Intruders have entered the world of video. They’re small, they’re stealthy, and they offer the biggest bang for the buck since the Alaska Purchase. We’re talking, of course, about digital SLRs–specifically those that shoot high-definition, progressive video. These hybrid interlopers, known by some as “VSLRs,” are wielding their swollen sensors and 35mm Read MoreRead More

Stunning Good Looks – The Canon 5d MkII in action

Art Adams shares his first time experience with the still camera turned video camera, the popular and somewhat controversial Canon 5D MkII. …The Canon 5D is a cinematic nightmare. In movie mode it’s hard to see focus, difficult to set exposure, and it doesn’t show you exactly what you’re getting. It records to heavily compressed Read MoreRead More