Steven Spielberg

Exploring Steven Spielberg’s Cinematic Conventions

Edoardo Nolfo explores some of the cinematic techniques Steven Spielberg utilizes in his most popular films. I have been admiring and studying Steven Spielberg’s filmmaking techniques for some years now and in this post I will share some of my findings. No written description can ever do justice to an artist of Steven Spielberg’s magnitude, Read MoreRead More

A Cinematic Case Study of the Spielberg’s DP: Janusz Kaminsk, ASC

The Black and Blue hosts an 85 page downloadable Case Study of the work of Janusz Kaminksi who’s career covers great Spielberg films including Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, A.I., and Lincoln. Not anymore thanks to cinematographer Stephen Murphy who’s created a series of “personal study documents” – PDF files that compile quotes from a particular cinematographer placed next to stills from Read MoreRead More

Comparing the Opening Scene of “Saving Private Ryan” to the Original Script

Scott Myers compares  Robert Rodat’s first few pages of script to Steven Spielberg’s finished film version: * Rodat uses some of the secondary slugs simply to identify a location (e.g., OFFSHORE, THE CLIFFS) or a character (e.g., A FIGURE, MILLER), but other times he conveys action within the slug itself: A DIRECT HIT ON A NEARBY LANDING Read MoreRead More

George Lucas & Steven Spielberg: Studios Will Implode; VOD Is the Future

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, both giants in the industry that brought us the blockbuster film, Looking into their crystal ball, George Lucas and Steven Spielbergpredicted the imminent arrival of a radically different entertainment landscape, including pricey movie tickets, a vast migration of content to video-on-demand and even programmable dreams. Speaking on a panel at the USC Read MoreRead More

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