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FilmFellas Cast 7: Documentaries “Master of Non-Fiction”

FilmFellas Cast 7: Documentaries “Masters of Non-Fiction” features an award winning cast of Documentary filmmakers with David Grubin, the most decorated documentarian in history with 10 Emmys and numerous awards for groundbreaking series’ for PBS Television (The American Experience, The Jewish Americans, LBJ, RFK, FDR), Ondi Timoner 2009 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for We Live In Public & DIG and Sean Dunne, the next generation of web based documentarians and Sundance Official Selection for The Archive.Read More

FilmFellas Cast Five: “The Epic Wedding: The New Art Form”

Cast members Kevin Shahinian (Pacific Pictures), Patrick Moreau (Still Motion Photo + Cinema), and Ron Dawson (Dare Dreamer Media) quickly dive into the conversation with Director Steve Weiss on defining themselves as a Filmmaker, Cinematographer or Producer. Elaborating on the new art form of wedding filmmaking, they discuss the key role of the cinematographer and Read MoreRead More

FilmFellas Cast Four: The Artistic Wedding

The filmmakers discuss the definition of wedding filmmaking and the artistic expression of producing avant-garde wedding films. Along with the pressures of one-take, 12-hour shoots, they discuss the true realities of capturing the moments of that perfect day. Steve Weiss (Director; Zacuto, FilmFellas) Joe Simon (Filmmaker) John Goolsby (Wedding Film Producer) Kristen* (Couture Wedding Filmmaker) Read MoreRead More

FilmFellas: Cast Three

Zacuto USA brings us a series of table side chats with filmmakers: Steve Weiss, Mike Michaud, Anish Savjani, Edward Seaton. “10. Social Experiment” Webisode 10 brings you a brand new cast of FilmFellas. Each fella has a different approach to online media, but they do agree on one thing, media is changing and it’s changing Read MoreRead More

FilmFellas: Cast Two

Zacuto USA brings us another series of table side chats, this time with filmmakers: Steve Weiss, Joe Swanberg, Susan Buice and Kris Swanberg covering all different aspects of filmmaking and whatever comes to their minds. Check out Cast One Descriptions are from the Author 5. “Talkin’ About Your Film Generation” In Webisode 5, cast two Read MoreRead More

FilmFellas: Cast One

Zacuto USA brings us a series of table side chats with filmmakers: Steve Weiss, Philip Bloom, Peter Hawley, Steve DaDouche, talking about how the web is impacting filmmaking and anything else that happens to come up. Descriptions from Author 1. “Web of Opportunities” 2. “A Reel Experience” The Fellas begin to reminisce on their past Read MoreRead More