Stereoscopic 3d

Creating the 3D Effects of Gravity

Prime Focus World’s ‘Close Up’ series, takes an in-depth look at our 3D conversion work on ‘Gravity’, Alfonso Cuarón’s critically acclaimed, space-based thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. PFW SVP Production Matt Bristowe, Creative Director, View-D™ Richard Baker, Global Technical Supervisor Rajat Roy and Global Head of View-D™ Pipeline Eoin Greenham explain the extensive Read MoreRead More

Creating the 3D in Gravity

Take a look behind the parallax of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity which had it’s 3D work done at Prime Focus World. Prime Focus World ended up converting 27 minutes in Gravity: 85 shots including one shot that was comprised of 15,531 frames and lasted over 10 minutes 47 seconds.  PFW’s View-D Conversion & Production work was primarily Read MoreRead More

On the 3D Depth of Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie”

This episode of ‘Close Up’ explores the 3D conversion of Tim Burton’s black and white, stop motion comedy horror ‘Frankenweenie‘. Matt Bristowe and Richard Baker talk about the philosophy of stereoscopy, how to use 3D depth to provoke emotion, and how to keep it beautiful at the same time.Read More

2D to 3D Conversion with Mocha Pro & Freeform Pro

In this tutorial, Martin Brennand, the senior product specialist from Imagineer Systems shows how to convert 2D film to stereoscopic 3D. Mocha Pro is used for the roto and clean plating, Freeform Pro is used for the extrusion and a useful script breaks down the masks into luminance depth graded by layer order.Read More