Star Wars

How ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ created the B-side to John Williams’ score

Composer Gordy Haab explains his approach to creating the music for the game “Star Wars Battlefront” by analyzing John Williams’ original for both the original series and prequels. Some of the first sounds you hear in “Star Wars Battlefront” are instantly recognizable. The exuberant brass notes strike a triumphant tone from John Williams’ signature score, Read MoreRead More

Superfan JJ Abrams on Directing “The Force Awakens”

Wired interviews the J.J. Abrams on what it’s like to direct the most anticipated film of the year. WIRED: How are you feeling? It seems like only yesterday you were announced as the director of Episode VII. J.J. ABRAMS: Good! It’s a crazy thing, right? I can’t wait for people to see the movie. We’ve Read MoreRead More

How the Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy went from Secretary to Studio Boss

Kathleen Kennedy has long worked in the shadows of moviemaking legends such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Now, as The Force Awakens readies for release, she is getting her star turn. It’s a tale perfect for Hollywood. The blond, dreadlocked German to my left is on the verge of tears. And perhaps a grand Read MoreRead More

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