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A ‘Star Trek’ Dream, Spread From Upstate New York

To celebrate of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy, James Cawley founded a non profit 12 years ago to faithfully produce new episodes of the original in Star Trek New Voyages. Capt. James T. Kirk writhes in pain, having been tortured at the hands of his Klingon captors, as his shocked and saddened crew members speed away toward unknown Read MoreRead More

How to Make Vulcan Ear Prosthetics

Effects artist Frank Ippolito joins Tested once again for a make-up project tutorial and demonstration. For this year’s WonderCon, Norm wanted to go as a Vulcan with authentic ear prosthetics. Using techniques we’ve shown before like lifecasting, sculpting, mold-making, and casting, Frank builds up a lifelike appliance and shows us how to apply it. Watching this Read MoreRead More

Video Editing Timelines from Gravity, Star Trek, Network TV Shows and More

Ever wondered what the editors timeline looks like on an Oscar winning film? Check out these images to get a closer look!   Oscar winning editor Mark Sanger showed off this screengrab from histimeline of the opening sequence to Gravity, in a talk he gave at the Avid booth during NAB 2014. It’s interesting to see how many Read MoreRead More

Illusion of Space Flight | Shanks FX

To create a spaceship flying through the space, the effects wizards of yesteryear used simple techniques of keeping the model spaceship still, and having the camera move in towards the objects. This would give the illusion that the ship was moving. Watch as Shanks FX try these techniques with the spaceships in his collection!!!  Read More

Leonard Nimoy & Pharrell Williams: Star Trek & Creating Spock

Leonard Nimoy and Pharrell discuss the creation of the Spock character, how the Vulcan salute came to be, and the controversy behind some of Nimoy’s photography projects. He also clarifies that his memoir, “I Am Not Spock”, was not meant to be negative and fills us in on the advice he gave Zachary Quinto before Read MoreRead More

How Lucille Ball Made STAR TREK Happen

Devin Faraci chronicles how the perennial star faring show was greenlit by Television’s favorite Red-head. Every fan of the original Star Trek knows that the show was made by Desilu – the big production logo is a familiar part of the end credits of the show, displayed over the head of the alien (puppet) Balok. What few Read MoreRead More

Pages from the Official Star Trek Writers’ Guide, 1967

Take a look at a few pages from the original guide from 1967 explaining how each Star Trek episode was to be written: These excerpts from a 31-page photocopied writers’ guide for the original Star Trek series show how early Trek episodes were crafted. The guide, written in 1967, was meant to help writers for the year-old show—as well as Read MoreRead More

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