Spider Man

Spider-Man and the Decay Rate Algorithm

“The Amazing Spider-Man” has some real and interesting science behind Peter Parker and his webs. University of Minnesota professor Jim Kakalios served as the science consultant on the new film, giving the filmmakers a factual perspective on the physics of wall crawling and the tensile strength of spider’s webbing. In addition, Kakalios contributed an equation called the Decay Rate Algorithm, which is at the center of a few major plot points throughout the film.
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30 Movie Title Tutorials for After Effects

It has been awhile since we did an After Effects tutorial roundup. This time we want to focus on titles. Your opening titles maybe the the first impression viewers will have of your film, so you better make them count. Here are 30 Hollywood style After Effects tutorials to help and inspire you. Inception Tron Read MoreRead More

Screenwriting: How to explain quantum mechanics

John August offers up some tips to help you make those difficult technical descriptions easier on you and your audience. …One of the more common challenges faced by a screenwriter is how to explain a difficult concept that’s important to your plot. For instance, in Jurassic Park, we need to understand how the dinosaurs came Read MoreRead More