Sound Design

How to Use Convolution for Reverb & Effects

How do Sound Designers create trippy soundscapes and effects? This tutorial on Convolution sheds some light on how these sounds are made. What is an Impulse Response? An Impulse Response (or IR for short) is a sample of an acoustic environment that’s been excited by an impulse. The impulse can be one of two things: Read MoreRead More

The Sound of “Argo”

The SoundWorks Collection talks with Sound Supervisor and Sound Designer Erik Aadahl to discuss the sound of Director Ben Affleck’s Argo. In 1979, during the Iranian Revolution, Islamic militants take over the U.S. embassy in Tehran and hold 52 Americans hostage. Six other Americans escape and hide in the Canadian ambassador’s home. The Central Intelligence Read MoreRead More

New Plural Eyes 3 Auto Syncs Video and Audio

Are you shooting dual system and capturing audio off camera? – Plural Eyes 3, now part of the Red Giant Software company, has added some significant improvements to help you automatically sync video and audio tracks. The long and short of it is this: For videographers and filmmakers with audio and multi-camera recordings, PluralEyes revolutionizes Read MoreRead More

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