Shutter Speed

The Film Look Plus History – The Basic Filmmaker

TheBasicFilmmaker·dives into shutter speed and how it affects the “film look” A quick note on why 24 frames per second: During the silent era, most films were played back at around 14-20 frames per second. 24 frames per second became standard once sound was introduced and printed optically along the side of the film. 24 Read MoreRead More

Shane Hurlbut on Using Shutter Angle to Drive Intensity

Shane Hurlbut writes about his experiences serving as D.P. on the film “Drumline” and how he used shutter angles to drive the story home. What is shutter speed? Imagine a pie, and that pie has 24 pieces. If the film plane or digital sensor in your camera were to always to see the lens, this Read MoreRead More

RED’s Best Practices for Panning

This guide from Red is a great resource for tips on achieving the best looking pans while considering focal length, frame rate and shutter speeds. Camera panning is one of the most utilized cinematic techniques, and for good reason. It can make otherwise static shots more dynamic, give vistas a more expansive feel, and track Read MoreRead More

How Does Shutter Speed Affect Video?

Shutter speed not only affects the exposure of your video, it also affects the look and motion blur of your movie. When talking about video, many people refer the “cinematic” or “videoish” looks. Cinematic is in. Everyone wants to make sure their videos look like they came from a Hollywood backlot. One of the most Read MoreRead More

A Visual Guide to Exposure

This reference from the Exposure guide demonstrates the trade offs of the three elements of exposure. When these three elements are combined, they represent a given exposure value (EV) for a given setting. Any change in any one of the three elements will have a measurable and specific impact on how the remaining two elements Read MoreRead More

10 Part Tutorial covering the Basics of DSLR Video

Produced originally for the students of the University of Waterloo, Vimeo user –jl covers the basics of DSLR video in a ten part series using a Canon Rebel T2i. Topics covered include: Lens Assembly, Focal Lengths, Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, ISO, and white balance.Read More