Shane Hurlbut

Seeing The Light – Shane Hurlbut’s Philosophy On Success

David Geffin profiles Shane Hurlbut and what drives his success. What sets you and your work apart? Having a clear idea of this is critical if you want to develop your work but when was the last time you actually thought about it? Shane Hurlbut is a veteran Director of Photography and today shares his Read MoreRead More

Book Lighting Technique: Creating the Softest Light Possible

Sid Vasandani discusses Shane Hurlbut’s book light technique of bouncing and diffusing a light source.     If you are interested in creating the softest light with an amazing wrap around quality, look no further. The book light technique, coined by film maker Shane Hurlbut is so simple and basic, requires the most inexpensive light modifiers, Read MoreRead More

Using Color Correction Gels with New Digital Cameras

Shane Hurlbut explains how he uses colored gels on lights to create looks with new digital camera sensors. “Giving Your Story an Early Morning or Late Afternoon Tone” When I first became a cinematographer, there were two companies in the gel manufacturing business, Rosco and Lee. A few years later, a new kid on the block emerged, GAM Filters. Read MoreRead More

Shane Hurlbut on Using Shutter Angle to Drive Intensity

Shane Hurlbut writes about his experiences serving as D.P. on the film “Drumline” and how he used shutter angles to drive the story home. What is shutter speed? Imagine a pie, and that pie has 24 pieces. If the film plane or digital sensor in your camera were to always to see the lens, this Read MoreRead More

The Basics of Shane Hurlbut’s Go-To Lighting Kit

Shane Hurlbut continues his excellent series discussing not only the gear he shoots with but the creative processes behind how he lights his sets: Maurice said, “I want to tell stories, not just cover it.” Look at the line above. This is what all of you have to find in your soul. Be a storyteller, Read MoreRead More

Shane Hurlbut’s Blackmagic Cinema Camera Tests

More than just some fan boy’s shaky footage of whatever knick-knacks happen to be on the cupboard at the moment… Shane Hurlbut gives us a preview of his workflow when testing out a camera for a serious production – looking at the way it handles noise, skin tones, and how contrast ratios will influence the Read MoreRead More

Using a Crane: Educating your Audience on Geography & the Art of Discovery

Shane Hurlbt covers the wide variety of cranes on the market as well as the aesthetic considerations when employing a crane shot. “Geography, Geography, Geography” I go to so many movies and I find that I have no idea where characters are in a scene. The coverage is so tight that you lose the sense Read MoreRead More

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