5 Essential Settings You Need to Double Check before Shooting

Noam Kroll offers 5 settings to check before you press record. Most indie films, music videos, and even commercials these days are shot at 24p, (or 23.976 progressive frames per second). You may or may not want to use this setting – that’s a whole article in itself, but you absolutely need to be consistent Read MoreRead More

How Does Shutter Speed Affect Video?

Shutter speed not only affects the exposure of your video, it also affects the look and motion blur of your movie. When talking about video, many people refer the “cinematic” or “videoish” looks. Cinematic is in. Everyone wants to make sure their videos look like they came from a Hollywood backlot. One of the most Read MoreRead More

Why Does your Camera See Things Differently Than You?

The craft of filmmaking is about knowing how to create stunning images that may or not exist in real life. Part of that process is understanding how your camera differs from your eye. Do you ever see a beautiful scene, take out your camera, take the shot and then wonder what went wrong? Why doesn’t Read MoreRead More

5 Photoshop Setup Tips

Adobe Photoshop’s default settings always seem foreign to me – like they’re trying to get me to adopt a new way of working. Fortunately Adobe has made it so you can work any way you want to and virtually everything is customizeable  Here are 5 tips for setting up a new install of Photoshop that you Read MoreRead More