Set management

How to Deal With the PA Paradox

Being a Production Assistant is being at the bottom rung of the ladder – it’s easy to be labeled both over-eager and lacking motivation at the same time. Evan Luzi offers some tips on how to manage expectations when working your way up as a PA. It’s not easy being a production assistant (PA). You’re Read MoreRead More

How to Direct a Music Video

From Videomaker: Directing music videos requires the skillful mixing of three rare traits: a good sense of style and creativity, strong leadership, and an extensive knowledge of technology. Though it might seem like few could fit this bill, we’ll show you some helpful tips that can help anyone make sure their talent and crew give them Read MoreRead More

What Can You Do to Save Time, Be Faster and Improve Your Efficiency as a Camera Assistant?

Time on a set is always at a premium – Evan Luzi shares some tips to be more responsive on the set. Do you take too much time to do certain things on set? I do. I’m a short guy so sometimes it takes me awhile to lug heavy camera rigs to new setups. By the time Read MoreRead More

Assistant director workshop: Tips for the First Assistant Director

So what exactly does a First Assistant Director (1st AD) do? This article breaks down the job as well as some tips on how to handle the job successfully. …The First Assistant Director is the Head of the Assistant Directing and Unit departments, but must be respected as an overall manager of the entire crew. Read MoreRead More