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Ring the Bell! Vimeo adds a Tip Jar

Love a video so much that you could just marry it – why not send it a dowry. Vimeo’s new “in kind” option allows users to send a tip to the creators of the video (and we’re not talking “wear sunscreen” kind of tips). Also in the works is a pay-per-view option which could change the way video creators make money on the net.Read More

Top ten Reasons Why Film Makers Screw Up In High Level Negotiations

It’s time to cut a deal. This is the part of the process that makes it all worth it, but it’s also the easiest to screw up because, as filmmakers, we are in the business of making films, not negotiating our own futures. Chris Jones offers some insight into 10 things we screw up.Read More

Editing SCARFACE for TV

It was Harry Tatelman’s job to convert Universal’s films into television fare by taking out the foul language, and some of the violence and nudity. When he was given the task of editing Scarface’s 160 ‘F’ words along with its other blue content few thought it could be done. But in the end it may be the most creative censorship ever to hit the TV airwaves.Read More

Helping Newt “Rebuild the America We Love” for $64 in Royalties

When I woke up today it was morning in America, but it wasn’t until the afternoon before I realized I helped create the dawn. That’s when I saw Newt Gingrich’s “Rebuilding the America We Love” ad and noticed those images that all political pundits where dissecting where in part created by me. Read More

Creativity, Cash and Tools: The Making of an Indie Film

Award winning filmmakers explore their path to festival fame as they illuminate the creative and pragmatic execution of their vision. How did they develop their story, find their funding, and what were creative tools that made their story come to life. Read More

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