Farrelly Brothers on the Line Between Outrageous and Funny

Peter & Bobby Farrelly (“Dumb & Dumber,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Kingpin,” “The Three Stooges”) and co-writers Pete Jones & Kevin Barnett discuss why “Hall Pass” was the toughest script they’ve ever written and how they walk the fine line between offensive and hillarious.Read More

Richard Walter: The Business of Film and TV Writing

Screenwriter Richard Walter shares business and film strategies, news, and success stories. His students have written more than 10 projects for Steven Spielberg, plus blockbusters and indie productions, including Milk and Sideways. A storytelling guru, movie industry expert and chair of UCLA’s graduate program in screenwriting, Walter knows everyone in the business -– and all the side businesses.Read More

How to Use Unconventional Industry Contacts to Launch Your Screenwriting Career

There’s a common misconception among new or ‘unrepresented’ screenwriters that only agents, managers, and producers can open Hollywood’s gates, and that without at least one of the three, it’s virtually impossible to sell a script or sidestep Hollywood’s frustrating barriers to entry.Read More

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