The Raven Storyboard Contest Winner

We would like to thank all the members from all around the world that entered the contest. We hope everyone had as much fun creating their adaption and storyboards as we did judging them. The adaptations ranged from faithful to re-imagined departures. The storyboards where even more diverse. Methods varied from hand drawn, found images, South Park style shapes and the built in Celtx Sketch Tool.Read More

21 strategies for breaking in and advancing your screenwriting career

When you write your first screenplay, the path to glory seems clear—find an agent who will get you a six-figure deal. A hundred and fifty query letters later, you’re languishing at Hollywood’s front gate. You’ve received a lot of encouragement, but, as Pauline Kael put it, “Hollywood’s the only town where you can die of encouragement.” Maybe it’s time to try another approach.Read More

110 Celtx Tutorials

In the world of open source filmmaking programs, nothing comes close to competing with Celtx. It is the essential all-in-one media pre-production software package that combines script writing, scheduling, storyboarding and much more all in to one software package.Read More

Query Letters: The Three Paragraph Rule

The best secret I can teach you about writing a great query letter is that less is more. Writers feel the need to cram their letters with information, to widen the margins, lengthen the page, even take several pages. They go on about their plot, their biography, they become personal, start up a one way conversation. It is a huge mistake. Read More

The Raven Storyboard Contest has teamed up with Celtx, the creator of our favorite open-source filmmaking tool to give you the opportunity to enter the Dark Gothic World of Edgar Allan Poe. Here’s your chance to really show off your screenwriting and pre-visualizing skills by adapting and storyboarding Poe’s poem “The Raven.”Read More

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