Using the Net to Advance Your Writing Career

Presented by the WGAW Publicity and Marketing Committee, this March 27, 2010 all-day seminar offered Writers Guild members tools to help them get online, promote their careers, raise their industry profiles, build their brands and distribute and monetize their work.
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Write Your Screenplay in 10 Minutes a Day

Instead of telling your friend what happened that day (really, she can wait), quickly synopsize your movie idea. Instead of texting gossip about that person you met in an elevator, create a piece of scene direction that might describe that person as they enter a movie scene. Instead of engaging in a cutesy I.M., write a “cute meet” between two characters.
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How to Write Movies: 100 Bottles of Sake

This clip is from the 1983 documentary (packaged in the “Tokyo Story” Criterion Collection DVD set), called I Lived But … The Life and Works of Yasujiro Ozu that featured interviews with Ozu’s production crew and recurring actors, plus excerpts from newsreels, home movies, and clips from two dozen of Ozu’s films. Ozu’s cameraman Yuharu Atsuta shot the film, and his long-time production company Shochiku produced it.
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The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies

The Bechdel Test is a simple way to gauge the active presence of female characters in Hollywood films and just how well rounded and complete those roles are. It was created by Allison Bechdel in her comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For in 1985. It is astonishing the number of popular movies that can’t pass this simple test.Read More

One. Million. Dollars.

In movies, TV, and actual conversation it’s by far the most frequently quoted dollar figure to mean “rich,” despite inflation. The top-shelf reality competition shows (Survivor, The Amazing Race) use that as the prize figure. But it’s not just a lot of money. It’s been mythologized as the transformative tipping point between the life we have and some mythological Good Life in which profound satisfaction is possible.Read More

John August on Screenwriting

An educational Q&A with screenwriter, director, and producer: John August, exploring his work on the films, Go, Big Fish, The Nines, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Minority Report, Corpse Bride, Charlie’s Angels, and Titan A.E. — Moderated by Deborah Dearth as part of the Palm Springs Film Festival. Read More

Writing the TV Spec and Pilot Scripts

How can you write a memorable spec script that helps get you staffed? Why is it so hard to write a TV pilot script that not only gets you noticed, but could sell? I believe that strong writing will rise. In helping to launch countless careers, I’ve noticed some commonalities in the writers who make it. The strongest trait is belief in self and a burning desire to make it happen.Read More

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