RIP: Typewriter 1867 – 2011

From their invention in 1867 through much of the 20th century, typewriters were indispensable tools for many authors and businessmen. By the end of the 1980s, however, word processors and personal computers largely displaced typewriters in the settings where they previously had been ubiquitous in the western world. Although typewriters remain in use in some areas of the world, the world’s last typewriter factory—Godrej and Boyce—closed in April 2011 in Mumbai.Read More

Farrelly Brothers on the Line Between Outrageous and Funny

Peter & Bobby Farrelly (“Dumb & Dumber,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Kingpin,” “The Three Stooges”) and co-writers Pete Jones & Kevin Barnett discuss why “Hall Pass” was the toughest script they’ve ever written and how they walk the fine line between offensive and hillarious.Read More

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