101 Articles To Help Sell Your Screenplay

You’ve spent months, maybe years, you have given your blood sweat and tears. You’ve read it through a dozen times, you have exorcised all your grammar crimes. You have tied up all the loose ends and have a story that transcends. Now that is time to sell, you may be saying what the hell? But Read MoreRead More

Writing for Editing

by Gael Chandler “The humbling truth is that the film is made in the editing room.” -David Mamet introducing the nominations for editing during the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony Editors are often called the last re-writers of the show. Another way to put this is that the editor is the architect of the show. Our Read MoreRead More

10 Story Techniques You Must Use to Sell Your Script

by John Truby The key question that all screenwriters should ask themselves is: how do I write a script that Hollywood wants to buy? Most writers mistakenly think that success is all about connections and star power. Not so. The real trick to writing a script that will sell is to know and use Hollywood’s Read MoreRead More

Techniques to Establish Pacing

by Gerry Visco Pacing, as it applies to fiction, could be described as the manipulation of time. Though pacing is often overlooked and misunderstood by beginning writers, it is one of the key craft elements a writer must master to produce good fiction. Best-selling author Elmore Leonard recommends simply ‘cutting out everything, but the good Read MoreRead More

Deal Terminology: What’s ‘Against’ Mean?

by Skip Press Dollars and Sense ~~ Monica P. asks: What does it mean to be offered $XX ‘against’ $YYY, for your screenplay? For example, does one price ‘against’ another mean that the writer is paid $XX now, with an additional $YYY later if the film is actually produced? Or does it mean that you’ll Read MoreRead More

Romantic Comedy Writing Secrets

by William ‘Bill’ Mernit If creating a successful romantic comedy really was as easy as plugging a couple of stars into a standard boy-meets-girl, boy-loses- girl, boy-gets-girl structure, the market would be glutted with genuinely funny romantic comedies. But can you remember the last truly great ‘rom-com’ you’ve seen? Only one or two in the Read MoreRead More

Horror Filmmaking: Understanding Your Own Fear for Fun and Profit

by Devin Watson Horror is transgressive art. It seeks to show the darker side of human nature in all its ugliness. Using the medium of film, we explore themes that are considered off-limits to other genres. Our explorations of the dark underbelly of life can give the audience a cathartic experience as well as us, Read MoreRead More

Proven Advertising Techniques Can Make Your Queries & Loglines Stand Out From The Pack

Selling Secrets of the Selling Trade by American Writers & Artists Institute You’ve slaved over every syllable to make it memorable. Your manuscript spills over with high ideas, scathing wit and a dash of drama that would send even the coldest executive producer groping for a box of Kleenex. Yet, for the life of you, Read MoreRead More

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