Steven Zaillian – Screenwriter behind “Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”

Hollywood Steven Zaillian is no stranger to the A-List Director. Having penned scripts for Steven Spielberg (‘Schindler’s List’), Martin Scorsese (‘Gangs of New York’) and Brian De Palma (‘Mission: Impossible’), Steven Zaillian talks about what it’s like writing for David Fincher on “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and how Screenwriting is a “Lonely Business”.Read More

Introducing Characters in a Screenplay

Robert McKee answers this question from writer Steve Ericsson:
“Introducing many characters within a story, even if you have just one or two main characters, is quite a challenge when writing a screenplay. How would you go about introducing several important characters during the first act/first half of the story in an effective and compelling way?”Read More

The Power and Glory of Storytelling

In this final episode of Stephen Fry’s BBC documentary about language, Planet Word, he celebrates the power and glory of storytelling. It has been with us as long as language itself and as a species, we love to tell our stories. This desire to both entertain and explain has resulted in the flowering of language to describe every aspect of the human condition.Read More

Reddit to Warner Bros. “all your stories are belong to us.”

James Erwin is a fledgling author who posted a series of short stories in Reddit’s forums about what would happen if U.S. Marines traveled back in time to fight the Roman Empire. Warner Bros. took notice and moved to buy the movie rights. But Reddit’s user agreement may turn his dream into a intellectual property nightmare. Read More

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