10 Reasons Your Screenplay Sucks (and how to fix it)

Karina Wilson explains 10 major reasons why your script just isn’t good enough Despite the hundreds of seminars, books and DVDs Field (along with McKee, Knopf, Voegler, Seger, Truby, Snyder et al) has contributed to teaching the science of screenwriting over the past four decades, it’s still a form that very few people manage to Read MoreRead More

The Psychology of Cryptomnesia: How We Unconsciously Plagiarize Existing Ideas

Maria Papova covers cognitive psychologist Ronald T. Kellogg’s theory on writing and originality. “Any experience the writer has ever suffered,”William Faulkner told a university audience in 1958, “is going to influence what he does, and that is not only what he’s read, but the music he’s heard, the pictures he’s seen.” This notion — that “our” ideas are the combinatorial product Read MoreRead More

Why Your Pitch Matters Almost as much as Your Screenplay

Ty Budde interviews MGM executive Stephanie Palmer on the importance of a good pitch. 1. When should writers start thinking about the pitch? Should it be before they even start writing? Thinking about the pitch is really thinking about how you can express the core idea clearly and concisely. I think writers should be pitching Read MoreRead More

An Argument Against Screenplay Formulas

In a 5-part series of essays, Scott Myers goes into detail on why screenplay formulas are really formulas for disasters. There is a burgeoning cottage industry of ‘screenwriting gurus’ selling what some call The Hope Machine. The Hollywood mansion. Tesla Roadster. Movie premieres. Write a script… strike it rich! How to get there? If you’ve Read MoreRead More

Don’t Be A Writing Tool – Know Them! A Breakdown of Screenwriting Tools You Need to Know

Danny Manus explains the different elements you will need to create and market a script including: taglines, loglines, themes, messages, synopsis, treatments, and outlnies. TAGLINE – A Tagline is the 6-8 catchy, memorable words that a marketing department will come up with to grab people’s attention and sell your movie on posters, commercials, radio spots, Read MoreRead More

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