Movies struggle to find ‘The End’

It seems like there are so many movies that have a great exciting hook in the beginning, but end up floundering in the third act. Why is that?  Tom Hooper, Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg offer some insight. The filmgoer was noticeably upset. He didn’t like a moment in ”Lincoln.” More specifically, he didn’t like the final Read MoreRead More

The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Writer/Director Rian Johnson on Looper

Rian Johnson discusses the most pivotal scene in his time travel mind-bender Looper, as told to Kyle Buchanan of It’s the obvious one: the diner scene between Bruce and Joe, which is almost like its own little movie wedged into the middle of a bigger movie. There was just a lot of weight on it for Read MoreRead More

The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Screenwriter John Gatins on Flight

John Gatins tells the story of developing the “Gaunt Young Man” character – an oracle at Delphi character that Denzel Washington’s Whip Whitaker meets in a stairwell at a hospital. There’s a scene in the stairwell at the hospital where this gaunt young man appears — the character’s name is actually Gaunt Young Man — Read MoreRead More

16 Ways Screenwriters And Filmmakers Fail

There’s a lot of mistakes novices make in their first film outing – stuff that isn’t always readily apparent when your on the outside looking in. Here are 16 common pitfalls that filmmakers (even seasoned ones) make. 1. Their Scripts And Screenplays Don’t Tell Stories One of the most common failings with films submitted to Read MoreRead More

Writing a New Scene for Les Miserables

Screenwriter William Nicholson discusses a sequence from Les Misérables (a 30 year old musical), which needed a brand-new scene. This is not a usual screenwriting assignment. I was hired to turn the super-successful stage musical into a movie — a show I admired and loved. From the start, my brief to myself was: Don’t screw it Read MoreRead More

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