Showrunner Rules from Jeffrey Lieber

Scott Myers hosts a series of Rules for Showrunners as outlined by Jeffrey Lieber, showrunner for Lost. Here, Jeffrey explains how they came up with the idea. We three were staring at a cut of this show I created called Miami Medical (which, when it started, was neither set in Miami nor exactly medical, but… Read MoreRead More

Dealing with Box Office Bombs

Doug Richardson recalls his experience writing and producing the box-office flop Welcome to Mooseport and how may have worked out fine in the end. I don’t talk too much about Welcome to Mooseport. Not so much because it was a box office bomb. On second thought, maybe so, because one needs to know the film actually exists Read MoreRead More

John August’s New Courier Prime

Screenwriter John August worked with type designer Alan Dague-Greene to create a new pleasing form of courier especially for screenwriters. The Courier typeface was designed in 1955 by Howard “Bud” Kettler for IBM. It’s classified as a monospaced slab serif, with each character taking up the same space and constructed with even stroke widths. IBM deliberately Read MoreRead More

Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola on “Moonrise Kingdom”

Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola recall their collaborative process in scripting Moonrise Kingdomand explain why, for them, writing dialogue is like a musical experience. Since his first feature, Bottle Rocket, Wes Anderson has forged a distinctive voice while collaborating with a string of co-writers: Owen Wilson, Noah Baumbach, and with Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom, Roman Read MoreRead More

Director Rian Johnson Explains The Difficult Path to ‘Looper’

Rian Johnson opens up about the long road of writing and getting financing for his Looper. Writer/director Rian Johnson‘s Looper is an intricately told film. Nearly every scene in the movie is packed full of new information, from character development to world building. As Johnson explains finding that structure, it was like creating stepping stones across a pond for Read MoreRead More

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