6 Tips For Those Taking Up Graphic Novel Writing

Heather Taylor discusses some tips she’s employing working on writing for graphic novels. The decision to make a graphic novel to accompany my web series Raptured wasn’t one I was expecting to make. In fact, it all came from a conversation with an artist who loved comics and wanted to get back into drawing again. Read MoreRead More

When the Spec Script was King

Margaret Heidenry recounts the history of the spec script in Hollywood: Monday mornings in Hollywood used to mean something. Back in the 1990s—before the weekend box office was entirely dominated by sequels, prequels, movies based on board games, and other pre-sold “franchises”—Monday mornings were when original screenplays hit the auction block, and here’s how it used Read MoreRead More

Before You Learn To Create, Learn To Steal

Kenneth Goldsmith, the Museum of Modern Art’s first poet laureate forces his writing students to plagiarize. Kenneth Goldsmith is not your typical poet. In 2000, he published Fidget, a catalog of every single movement his body made over a 13-hour period.Traffic, from 2007, was nothing more than unedited transcriptions of traffic reports. And while his latest Read MoreRead More

Does Your Script Need a Rewrite?

Of course it does – writing is rewriting. Professional screenwriter Tom Benedek talks about a project he’s working on and his thoughts on rewriting: I just finished the first draft of a script that I have been talking about, thinking about, structuring, restructuring, doing research around for way too long. It is still a great Read MoreRead More

Creating Classic Characters

Academy Award-winning director Sydney Pollack (OUT OF AFRICA, TOOTSIE, THE WAY WE WERE) and NYPD Blue and Deadwood creator David Milch discuss the inspiration behind creating classic film and television characters. Followed by the suspenseful short film THE LAB by writer/director Ryan Scheer, about two young boys whose summer afternoon in the woods goes horribly Read MoreRead More

John Gatins Talks about Recovery, Heroism and the Oscar nomination for “Flight”

Fandor’s Sean Axmaker talks to John Gatins about his journey to penning the screenplay for Flight. You could say that Flight is new territory for John Gatins. Before he finally got the film off the ground, a journey that took twelve years from his first draft to principle photography, he was a specialist in scripting such sport-centric stories as Hard Read MoreRead More

Showrunner Rules from Jeffrey Lieber

Scott Myers hosts a series of Rules for Showrunners as outlined by Jeffrey Lieber, showrunner for Lost. Here, Jeffrey explains how they came up with the idea. We three were staring at a cut of this show I created called Miami Medical (which, when it started, was neither set in Miami nor exactly medical, but… Read MoreRead More

Dealing with Box Office Bombs

Doug Richardson recalls his experience writing and producing the box-office flop Welcome to Mooseport and how may have worked out fine in the end. I don’t talk too much about Welcome to Mooseport. Not so much because it was a box office bomb. On second thought, maybe so, because one needs to know the film actually exists Read MoreRead More

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