How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You

Academy Award winning writer, Graham Moore (Imitation Game), gives advice on writing for an intellectual character in a way that the audience can understand. My least favorite moment in all of cinema is a relatively common one. You will recognize it, I’m sure, from dozens of movies and TV shows that prominently feature scientists. You Read MoreRead More

Ask the Analyst – Common Scriptwriting Questions from Themes to How to Get a Script Read by Studios

Expert screenplay readers and analysts from ScriptShark answer questions that Facebook fans and Twitter followers posted. Read on to find helpful answers to questions regarding how to become a professional screenwriter and many other aspects of screenwriting and the movie business… Q: What exactly makes a strong theme? Should public opinion affect one’s themes when Read MoreRead More

Writing For The Green Light: Scott Kirkpatrick Interview

Anna Kemp interviews Scott Kirkpatrick on how to build a screenwriting career with a manageable game plan. Anna Kemp: What is the biggest misconception for new writers straight out of film school? Scott Kirkpatrick: For me, the biggest misconception film schools unintentionally plant into the minds of newbie writers and filmmakers is that their early works must shake Read MoreRead More

Everything in Planet of the Apes (1968) Came from These 6 Twilight Zone Episodes

You can’t produce a series of thought provoking television shows without recycling a few ideas here and there. It’s no secret that Rod Serling co-wrote the screenplay to the original Planet of the Apes in 1968. That was four years after his signature TV series, The Twilight Zone, had left the air. I’ve heard people Read MoreRead More

Breaking down the Script of “Whiplash”

Scott Meyers breaks down the script from Whiplash from Scene-By-Scene Breakdown, Major Plot Points, Sequences, Psychological Journey, and Takeaways p.1-3: We meet ANDREW NEIMAN, first year student, who sits honing his drum skills in the practice room. FLETCHER enters and states that he’s looking for players. He asks Neiman to play a few specific beats for him. Neiman struggles with Read MoreRead More

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