How To Use The Formative Event Technique To Raise The Stakes In Your Story

Marilyn Horowitz When I teach my class, Writing a Screenplay in 10 Weeks, at New York University, my book, which is used in the class, begins with a series of character exercises that allow the student to do deep character work efficiently. The exercises get you directly to the information you need to begin writing. Read MoreRead More

Screenwriting Advice – People forget Years and Remember Moments

Here’s an intriguing idea from Scott Myers of Go Into The Story - about focusing on the small moments rather than the large brush strokes. “People forget years and remember moments.” These words of wisdom from author Ann Beattie are profound in their simplicity and nowhere more true than movies. Think about a favorite film of yours. Read MoreRead More

Saving Mr. Banks screenwriter Kelly Marcel

In between creating the sci-fi series Terra Nova and adapting 50 Shades of Gray, Kelly Marcel wrote the screenplay of Saving Mr. Banks, a movie with neither space ships or S&M. Her screenplay has been cited by pretty much everyone who was involved with the film as their impetus for getting involved. Meet the screenwriter Read MoreRead More

How to Take the Terror Out Of Writing – Hunger Games Screenwriter Billy Ray

Screenwriter and Filmmaker Billy Ray also offers insights into how to make the great films. Prepare, prepare, prepare. When Ray was trying to get attached as a first-time director to Shattered Glass, which he’d written the screenplay for, he was turned down 21 out of 22 times for meetings. When Lionsgate agreed to give him one, Read MoreRead More

Break Your Story in Prep

Scott Myers reinstates the importance of proper prep work before diving in and writing aimlessly. Let me begin with this acknowledgement: There is no right way to write. Each writer is different. Each story is different. There is no single universal approach that works for everyone. However in my view, it is impossible to overstate the Read MoreRead More

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