Ian Fleming interviews Screenwriter and Novelist Raymond Chandler (1958)

In July of 1958, to mark the publication of Chandler’s last book, Playback, BBC brought Chandler and Ian Fleming together on the air. Fleming and the BBC broadcaster producing the program picked up Chandler at 11 A.M. on the day of the interview and even though they “found his voice slurred with whisky,” the broadcast went quite Read MoreRead More

How to Make Your Screenplay Look Like it was Written by an Amateur

Barri Evans details the tricks used by green screenwriters around the world to ensure that no reader could possibly take their script seriously. If your goal is to be seen as green, I can tell you how to write a screenplay that shouts “amateur!” from the very first page. With a little help from an enthusiastic frog, Read MoreRead More

Screenwriter Doug Richardson on Why He Can’t Accept Unsolicited Scripts

Doug Richardson writes about the experience he had when he broke the “No Unsolicited Scripts” rule and why he can’t read your lousy script. I have a policy. It pretty much goes as follows: Thank you for asking but I can’t read your script. Such is the nature of having a public profile and the Read MoreRead More

Screenwriter Walter Bernstein Recalls How He Ended Up On the Hollywood Blacklist

At the conclusion of last month’s Sundance Institute June Screenwriters Lab, participants attended a screening of “The Front,” written by Walter Bernstein, which offers a comedic look at the Hollywood Blacklist in the ‘50s starring Woody Allen as a “front” for blacklisted writers. Bernstein, himself a victim of the blacklist, was present for the screening Read MoreRead More

How to Best use a Whiteboard as Part of the Plotting Process?

Scott Myers answers a reader question about how to use a whiteboard in the plotting of your film. A whiteboard can be quite a helpful tool, but we have to frame this discussion with an obvious point: It’s not the whiteboard itself, but what goes on the whiteboard that is critical. And that means we have to Read MoreRead More

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