Interview with Pacific Rim Screenwriter Travis Beacham

The man behind the Jaegers and the kaiju speaks about the origins of Pacific Rim, working with Guillermo del Toro and saving the world in this interview from Badass Digest: I want to walk through the development of the movie. I know the script existed before Guillermo got involved – where did it begin? I Read MoreRead More

Emmy TV Legends Interview with Richard Matheson

Science fiction author and screen writer, Richard Matheson best known for his work on “The Twilight” and his novel “I Am Legend” passed away a few days ago. Here is a great in-depth interview he conducted with EmmyTVLegends in 2009. On his career Highlights: On the Inspiration behind some of “Twilight Zone” Episodes Watch the Read MoreRead More

The Truth: with X-Files Writer and Producer Frank Spotnitz

Golden Globe winning X-Files writer and producer Frank Spotnitz is joins the London Screenwriter’s Festival for a session on writing fantastical TV, helming a TV juggernaut and maintaining momentum through a decade of success. How do you maintain creative integrity, develop idea after idea and shepherd beloved characters through season after season?Read More